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Support for Those Overcoming Addiction in Swansea, IL

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Are you wondering how you can offer support for someone overcoming addiction in Swansea, Illinois? If your loved one is struggling with addiction, your support during the recovery process can be invaluable. To support your loved one during this difficult time, it is crucial to understand what exactly addiction is, the process for overcoming addiction and how you can support them throughout their journey.

What Is Addiction?

While many falsely believe that addiction is simply a moral failing or lack of willpower, the truth is that addiction is actually a complex brain disease. Overcoming addiction takes a lot more than willpower and good intentions, as long-term alcoholism or drug use can change the chemistry of your brain and make quitting incredibly challenging, even when the will to pursue recovery exists.

Because addiction affects the chemistry of the brain, it also impacts the behavior of a drug addict. Seeking drugs becomes a compulsive, difficult-to-control urge despite the devastating consequences. Though the initial decision to use drugs is often voluntary, several factors can put certain individuals at greater risk for addiction, including:

  • Heredity: About half of an individual’s risk for developing an alcohol or drug addiction stems from genetics. Additional biological dangers include ethnicity, gender and mental health disorders.
  • Development: An individual is more likely to become addicted if alcohol or drug use begins at an early stage of brain development. A teen who uses drugs is at heightened risk, as his or her brain is still developing.
  • Environment: An individual’s environment can also contribute to the risk for developing an addiction. Environment refers to a person’s friends, family, socioeconomic status and overall quality of life. Abuse, peer pressure, stress and exposure to alcohol and drugs early in life can increase an individual’s risk for developing an addiction.

The more risk factors someone faces, the higher their chance of developing an addiction to alcohol or drugs will be.

The Process of Overcoming Addiction

Deciding to overcome addiction is a courageous move, and not one that anyone needs to go through alone. In fact, working with addiction experts and professionals can make recovery more comfortable, relaxing and successful. At Gateway Swansea, the process of overcoming addiction includes:

  1. Accessing medical assistance and support.
  2. Receiving peer support at a drug addiction center.
  3. Finding fulfillment and joy outside of drug use.
  4. Understanding the underlying issues that lead to addiction.

How to Support Loved Ones Overcoming Addiction

Use the following tips to offer addiction support to your loved one in Swansea, Illinois:

  • Educate yourself on what they are going through
  • Model healthy behaviors
  • Listen to your loved one’s needs and feelings
  • Accept that you cannot change this person with your own will
  • Try to avoid enabling behaviors
  • Acknowledge that you aren’t responsible for your loved one’s actions

You may also want to participate in family therapy to learn how to support your loved one and work toward your own healing.

Treatment and Addiction Support Services in Swansea, IL

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