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Springfield, IL, Rehab Center for Men

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Struggling with substance use disorder is a highly personal experience. Treatment programs must account for the differences of each patient. At Gateway Foundation in Springfield, Illinois, our men’s addiction treatment program is designed to address the attitudes and life experiences unique to men. Our goal is to be a place of sanctuary and safety for you or your loved one, offering the necessary resources to prepare for a life in recovery.

How Addiction Affects Men Differently

Addiction is a singular disease that impacts everyone differently. One of these differences in men is biological. Men generally take longer to become addicted than women, often consuming lower doses over a longer period of time. So, by the time a man seeks treatment, the substance use disorder is more deeply seated and presents more severe withdrawal symptoms in early recovery. 

There are also emotional differences. Women tend to misuse drugs in response to emotional pain or an underlying mental illness. Men use drugs or alcohol as a way to fit in or assert their masculinity. They sometimes struggle with persistent shame due to their addiction, fearing that they’ll appear weak if they ask for help. 

In truth, seeking out professional help is one of the bravest choices any person can make.

How Single-Gender Addiction Treatment Benefits Men

Society places different expectations on men. Boys are raised to be self-sufficient and to project an air of invulnerability. By the time they become adults, they’re often well practiced at bottling up and ignoring their feelings. Once they enter treatment, exploring and expressing their emotions can lead to anger and confusion.

The Gateway Foundation team in Springfield, Illinois, is familiar with the process men must go through to achieve stable recovery. Our men-only addiction program focuses on changing internal attitudes about treatment and overcoming perceived barriers. By sharing space, history and feelings with other men, patients feel free to be themselves and focus on their progress more effectively than they would in a mixed program. 

Other benefits include:

  • Overcoming expectations: Without the burden of societal pressures, men can be vulnerable and open up about their personal struggles. 
  • Communication styles: Men communicate differently than women. Our men’s only program allows them to be more direct and information-driven in these exchanges. 
  • Male-centric topics: While diversity is important, men-only treatment ensures each moment addresses what it’s like to be a man struggling with addiction and supports those seeking help.
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The Gateway Approach to Addiction Treatment

There is no formula for treating addiction. Instead, our Springfield center focuses on care scientifically shown to be the most beneficial to recovery. Our addiction treatment program for men incorporates evidence-based care to ensure a foundation for future success. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Medical care: Our medical services may be the difference between quick relapse and sustained recovery, including medication-assisted treatment and withdrawal management.
  • Therapy: Whether you struggle with an underlying mental health condition that requires dual diagnosis treatment or you need to acknowledge the negative thought patterns that led to addiction, we provide a wide variety of therapy services unique to your circumstances. 
  • Holistic treatment: Addiction treatment must prepare men for life outside our facility. Our holistic approach includes many services they can use to face daily stressors as they continue their recovery post-rehab.
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Contact Gateway Foundation in Springfield, Illinois

Our men-only addiction treatment offers an environment where men can safely pursue healing without distraction. If you would like to learn more about our single-gender program in Springfield, contact Gateway Foundation online or give us a call at 217.387.8863.