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Springfield, IL, Addiction Treatment Center for Men

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Gateway Foundation offers an addiction treatment center focused specifically on providing expert care to men. Our men’s rehab center in Springfield, IL, is here to help individuals unpack unique experiences and recover in a safe, supportive community.

We recognize that men and women face different issues regarding substance misuse, addiction and healing. Our facility uses evidence-based practices to create a support system proven to work best for men — helping them take the next step into a future of freedom.

What Addiction Issues Do Men Commonly Face?

We see all kinds of situations come to light through our men’s addiction treatment in Springfield, IL. Common substance use disorders can include addictive substances such as:

  • Alcohol.
  • Illicit drugs, including cocaine and meth.
  • Prescription drugs such as opioids.
  • Marijuana.

In many cases, these addictions occur at the same time as a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety. This dual diagnosis requires treatment for both the substance misuse and mental health disorder to truly seek recovery and make a sustainable life change.

Addiction Treatment Geared Toward Men’s Needs

Gateway Foundation’s Springfield, IL, addiction treatment center for men keeps your needs at the forefront. Men typically face a lot of pressure — both external and internal — in their everyday lives. This can lead to stress and anxiety and is often an underlying trigger for developing an addiction. Men’s addiction treatment offers practical ways to handle these emotional, mental and physical stressors. Our male patients can unpack and share their experiences in a healthy way.

As a result, men’s addiction treatment creates a valuable community of fellow patients who understand exactly what each other is going through. Through treatment, men will identify how substance misuse impacts their lives and build long-term strategies for a successful recovery. This generally involves creating specific plans for preventing relapse.

Men’s Addiction Rehab Treatment Offered in Springfield, IL

Gateway Foundation offers an effective addiction treatment center for men in Springfield, IL. Our 22-bed facility includes a variety of treatments, such as:

  • Residential. Our inpatient program provides a safe place for men who need to stay at our facility full-time as they begin addiction treatment.
  • Half-day outpatient. We recognize that patients are balancing work and family commitments, in addition to their rehab journey. Our half-day outpatient program allows them to access treatment and counseling sessions for several hours a day throughout the week.
  • Full-day outpatient. Men who have completed a residential program may opt for full-day outpatient treatment, which includes a range of counseling sessions open to family.
  • General outpatient. After completing an intensive program, our general outpatient services ensure patients can receive the continued care they need. Weekly group and individual therapy sessions empower men to feel strong and supported as they continue working toward recovery.

Once an individual completes inpatient or outpatient treatment, we’ll continue walking with them in their journey toward healing. We offer sober living opportunities in recovery homes for men who desire extra support as they transition from rehab. We also provide long-term community engagement through our alumni program, including regular sober activities and counseling sessions.

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Reach Out to Gateway Foundation to Learn More

Are you seeking evidence-based and empathetic care for yourself or a loved one? Gateway Foundation offers a range of treatment options for men in need of addiction treatment. Reach out to our team today to request more information about our services, or gain insight from our staff.