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Addiction Therapy Services in Springfield, IL

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Are you looking for addiction treatment services in Springfield, Illinois? If you are dealing with addiction, we can help you understand the importance of therapy, what options are available for treatment near you and how we use these services in our Springfield outpatient treatment facility.

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Why Therapy is Essential in Treating Addiction

Therapy is a key part of the recovery process. Gateway Foundation’s evidence-based counseling sessions offer insight into the inner workings of addiction so that you can find the strength to break free both mentally and emotionally.

Addiction is more than a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Powerful triggers continue to influence your recovery and put you at risk of relapse long after the substances leave your system. Factors such as stress, past traumatic experiences, a dysfunctional home life and mental health disorders can all play a role in substance use.

Therapy helps you understand what’s going on underneath the surface so that you don’t turn to drugs or alcohol to manage life’s difficulties.

As you work with a licensed counselor, you’ll discover some of the underlying causes that may have contributed to your addiction. Each therapy session creates a safe, supportive environment and may involve:

  • Discovering individual triggers and causes of addiction.
  • Changing negative behaviors and thought patterns.
  • Learning healthy coping skills and strategies.
  • Discussing treatment goals.
  • Developing future plans and aftercare.

Addiction Treatment Options

At Gateway Springfield, we’ve developed a holistic approach to patient care. We know that addiction is a pervasive disease that can impact your physical, mental, emotional and social health. That’s why our therapy options use evidence-based practices to address every aspect of the disorder. We combine different therapeutic approaches to ensure you receive personalized care with the right combination of counseling services.

When you choose Gateway Foundation, you’ll receive:

  • Knowledge of underlying issues that lead to addiction.
  • Fulfillment outside of substance use.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Peer support.

Therapy Options at our Springfield Outpatient Center

At Gateway Springfield, we use different therapy approaches in various ways to provide treatment that works. Our process includes:

  • Psychological counseling: Group or individual counseling can help you along the road to recovery. For example, if your relatives have been affected by your addiction, you all may benefit from family therapy.
  • Detoxification and withdrawal: Typically, addiction therapy services begin with medically monitored withdrawal, also known as detoxification. While you are in treatment, you may receive medication to prevent or reduce withdrawal symptoms.
  • Talk therapy: Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, addresses mental health disorders that often co-occur with addiction.
  • Support groups: Peer support groups help you abstain from drug or alcohol use and manage or avoid relapses. With a network of other people going through the same challenges that you are, you can receive the support you need to make lasting lifestyle changes.

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