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Sober Living Resources for Lake Villa, IL, Residents

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Once you break free from addiction, choosing a sober lifestyle is a liberating and rewarding experience. Yet, after years trapped by substance misuse, it can also be quite difficult. At Gateway Foundation in Lake Villa, IL, our sober living resources help you face the challenges and obstacles that could put your sobriety at risk. Our compassionate team is committed to helping you face the difficulties ahead while also celebrating each accomplishment along the way.

What Does It Mean to Be Sober?

Sobriety means different things to different people. At its most basic level, it means abstaining from drugs or alcohol. For those breaking free from addiction, sobriety is a vital component of recovery. Even those participating in a medication-assisted treatment program should be considered sober. Being sober allows you to reclaim your life and focus on complete healing — physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Methods of Getting Sober From Addiction

Any effective recovery program should help and equip patients to get sober and remain sober long term. At Gateway Lake Villa, our addiction treatment team includes medical professionals, counselors and addiction specialists, all committed to supporting your recovery and providing evidence-based, personalized care. These services can help you break free from substance misuse and provide you with the coping tools you need to fight future cravings and temptations.

Each person who walks through our door is treated with a personalized addiction treatment plan. We blend our programs and services to address your unique background, addiction type and lifestyle. Your treatment may include:

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Sober Living Resources and Treatments in Lake Villa, IL

Staying sober during treatment may be difficult, but round-the-clock supervision ensures you have constant care during those first fragile weeks. Once you leave our rehabilitation center, the real trial begins. You may be faced with obstacles you’re unready for. Our sober living resources and treatments serve as a bridge from a rehabilitation program into real life. We offer numerous services to encourage this transition.

Sober Living Homes

Our sober living homes in Lake Villa, IL, are temporary housing arrangements offering a smooth transition from inpatient treatment back into everyday life. These options provide safety, comfort and access to addiction counselors who will work to solidify the coping skills you’ve developed in rehabilitation.

Outpatient Program

If you need flexible and convenient care, our outpatient treatment program offers all the services and therapies of residential care within a few sessions per week. This option is perfect for those who are still struggling with addictive behaviors even after inpatient treatment.

Aftercare Services

After your treatment program is complete, your recovery is still in its infancy. Our aftercare services ensure Gateway Lake Villa alumni have access to counseling sessions and meetings in the coming days to help them remain sober.

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Get Help With Sober Living Today in Lake Villa, IL

Getting sober is the first step in recovery. Staying sober takes perseverance, courage and a little help from time to time. To fortify your recovery journey, learn more about our sober living centers in Lake Villa, IL, by contacting us today