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Lake Villa Expansion Project

State-of-the-Art Improvements to Treat the Mind, Body and Soul

Gateway Foundation announces our campus-wide improvement project at our Lake Villa, Illinois treatment campus. This includes construction of the Larson Family Wellness Center, healing garden, fitness center and other improvements that will enhance the well-being and recovery of our patients.

The Larson Family Wellness Center

This multi-purpose patient community center will feature floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping views of Fox Lake naturescapes. Patients will connect with nature while participating in holistic treatment options including yoga, art therapy, and meditation. 

Healing Garden

The healing garden will wrap around and encompass the exterior of the Larson Family Wellness center. Utilizing Eastern design principles, it will feature a Zen rock garden and mindfulness labyrinth in a serene nature setting.

Fitness Center

This dedicated gym workout space will feature cardio and weight training equipment. Patients will be able to focus on their bodies, restoring the connection between the mind and body while cultivating healthy habits for a lifetime of recovery. 

General Improvements

The existing gymnasium will receive a new basketball floor, lighting, and ADA accessible lift leading to a loft and roof terrace. Additional parking will be created to improve guest and client visits. Universal design principals enable this indoor-outdoor client community area to be accessible to all.


Gateway Foundation’s holistic approach to drug, alcohol and mental health treatment has seen over a million individuals embark on the road to recovery since 1968 and we look forward to the positive impact these improved campus recreation therapy options will have on the community.

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