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Looking for Substance Use Disorder Rehab Centers in Joliet, IL?

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Rehab Centers in Joliet, Illinois

The services available through Gateway Foundation’s substance use disorder rehab center in Joliet, Illinois, will help you on your path to recovery from substance use. Choosing to find help is often a difficult step, but your chances of successfully overcoming drug or alcohol addiction increase when you do. Our experienced, compassionate staff can deliver services that will help you achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

What is Substance Use?

Substance use is a complex disorder defined by compulsive alcohol or drug use that significantly disrupts your daily living, including health, relationships and work. For successful treatment, substance use typically requires professional intervention and support. Substance use can cross into addiction when you seek and use increasing amounts of the substance, despite significant problems.

What Is a Substance Use Disorder Rehab Center?

Our substance use disorder rehab center is located in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago in Joliet. This location gives you easy access to Route 30 and Interstate 55. Through this convenient site and our flexible hours, you can attain treatment for substance use.

You may transition from one treatment program to another as you continue through your substance use recovery journey. Our two primary substance use treatment programs are:


Through outpatient services, you will receive various treatments tailored to your needs and symptoms. We will develop an individualized plan that we can adjust as you progress through recovery.

Half-Day Outpatient

You can meet your daily obligations by attending half-day services at Gateway Joliet. This program helps you balance your responsibilities with recovery.

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The Role of a Substance Use Rehab Center in Addiciton Treatment

Our Joliet location will play a crucial role in your addiction treatment. Gateway Foundation’s network of centers offers support to patients in recovery. As part of our network, you will get the highest possible level of care thanks to our decades of experience.

When you pursue treatment through our outpatient program, you will visit our center for several hours per week while living in your home. Through outpatient addiction treatment, you can:

  • Receive support when you have mild to moderate substance use disorder symptoms.
  • Access a substance use treatment option that is more affordable than inpatient services.
  • Continue meeting your daily obligations while you receive addiction treatment.
  • Visit us during our flexible hours.
  • Maintain your home, school or work support system.

If you have more severe symptoms from a substance use disorder, you may benefit from inpatient treatment. During your intake, we will help you determine your needs for addiction treatment.

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