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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Joliet, IL

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We can Help

If obsession over where you can get your next drink and problematic alcohol use are consuming your life, the first step to recovery is admitting you need help. At Gateway Foundation in Joliet, IL, our alcohol rehabilitation center specializes in evidence-based care customized to your unique needs. We believe a holistic, individualized approach is the best way to help you conquer alcohol addiction’s hold over your life.

What are the Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

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Whether you spend every weekend binge drinking or are hiding alcohol throughout your home, these signs and more could indicate an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease that leaves you constantly thinking about your next drink and unable to control your alcohol misuse. Anyone can become addicted to alcohol, no matter their race, background or lifestyle.

The more you drink, the more likely you will develop alcohol dependence. This substance alters your brain chemistry, creating cravings and vicious withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop. These signs often accompany alcohol addiction:

  • Experiencing increased tolerance to alcohol
  • Fantasizing about drinking
  • Spending lots of time and money drinking
  • Having frequent blackouts or hangovers
  • Experiencing intense cravings
  • Continuing to use alcohol despite its negative consequences on your personal or professional life
  • Neglecting responsibilities to drink
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How Treatment Works at Gateway Foundation

With Gateway Foundation, you don’t have to break free from alcohol addiction on your own. Gateway Joliet is staffed by a highly qualified team of medical professionals, licensed counselors and addiction specialists who are on hand every step of the way. Our alcohol addiction recovery services include:

  • Medical support: Whether you’re struggling with withdrawal symptoms or underlying mental health issues, our medical staff manages the physical and mental aspects of addiction as you adjust to sobriety.
  • Counseling services: Therapy is a key component to any effective addiction recovery program. We provide both individual and group counseling to help you confront the issues that have driven you to drink.
  • Socialization: As you live, work and engage with others confronting their addiction, you’ll learn the importance of community and regain essential socialization skills.
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Learn More About Rehab for Alcohol Addiction in Joliet, IL

After 50 years as one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in Joliet, IL, Gateway Foundation wants to provide you with personalized and effective treatment. To learn more, please contact us today.