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Substance Use Counseling in Jacksonville, IL

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Substance use disorder impacts every aspect of a person’s life. Drugs and alcohol can put a strain on relationships with those you love, make it difficult to succeed at work or school and can cause severe physical harm. Despite all this, many people find it nearly impossible to overcome substance use on their own. Professional help from addiction specialists gives you the best chance to break free.

If you or a loved one struggles with misusing substances like drugs or alcohol, Gateway Foundation in Jacksonville, Illinois, is here for you. We offer professional treatment services so you can escape the trap of addiction.

What Is Substance Misuse?

Substance misuse, also known as substance use disorder, is a pattern of drug or alcohol use that leads to problems in a person’s life or endangers their physical, mental and emotional health. Those struggling with misuse often develop a high tolerance and can experience intense withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to stop using.

Substances don’t have to be illegal to be misused. Besides heroin, cocaine and marijuana, other commonly misused substances include alcohol and prescription drugs.

Common signs of substance use disorder include:

  • Out-of-control substance use
  • Feeling unable to stop
  • Problems at work or school due to substance use
  • Relationship difficulties due to substance use
  • Changes in behavior, such as problematic risk-taking
  • Maintaining a continued supply of the substance

What Is Substance Misuse Counseling?

Those grappling with addiction or substance misuse often struggle to control their behaviors. The goal of addiction counseling is to help overcome the mental and emotional obstacles to recovery. At Gateway Foundation in Jacksonville, Illinois, our substance misuse counselors use a combination of clinical services based on your unique needs. These may range from cognitive behavioral therapy to motivational interviewing. The aim is to help you recognize the underlying cause of your substance misuse and provide you with the tools you need to continue a life of recovery.

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Substance Misuse Counseling Services in Jacksonville, Illinois

Counseling needs vary from person to person. However, the most effective addiction counseling services are usually part of a holistic inpatient or outpatient substance addiction recovery program. These services are designed to address addiction to different substances as well as the underlying mental and physical difficulties that can predispose individuals to addiction.

At our Jacksonville facility, we combine our substance misuse counseling with medical care and other holistic services. This approach allows us to tailor your treatment depending on your situation. Whether you struggle with a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety or thrive in group therapy, our compassionate addiction specialists will fine-tune our services to help you stop using drugs and find fulfillment in a substance-free life.

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Take Your First Steps Toward Recovery at Gateway Foundation in Jacksonville

If you struggle with substance misuse, get the tools you need to get your life back on track at Gateway Foundation. Our Jacksonville team would be happy to answer your questions and help you find a program that works for your lifestyle and needs. Learn more when you contact us online or call us at 217.286.6991.