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Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction in Jacksonville, IL

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Family Therapy

Addiction impacts more than the individuals struggling to break free — it affects entire families. When you’re ready to seek rehab and recovery, you will need guidance and support, and so will your family. At Gateway Foundation in Jacksonville, IL, we understand that both you and your loved ones will need help during your recovery journey so that you can find renewed hope and healing together.

As part of our complete, individualized approach, our family therapy program integrates your family and loved ones into your care to give you a greater chance for long-term recovery.

Family with a child meeting with a counselor

What is Family Counseling?

Counseling is an essential part of the addiction recovery process. While individual therapy is important, family therapy allows all the members of a family to heal and recover together.

The therapeutic setting is an ideal space where the entire family can adjust to a loved one’s recovery from addiction in a safe and positive space. Family therapy encourages each member of the family to make specific changes that will improve the home environment and heal broken relationships within the family unit.

At Gateway, we have a broader sense of the term “family.” Your family therapy sessions could include blood relatives, a spouse or anyone emotionally invested in your well-being and recovery.

The Many Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction Treatment

When you come to our Jacksonville, IL, treatment center, we take the time to understand your unique needs so that we can design a highly personalized program for your care. Involving your loved ones in your recovery improves the chances of long-term success, while also improving the mental and emotional health of each family member. Some of the unique benefits of family therapy include:

  • Engaging your loved ones in your treatment.
  • Improving overall communication.
  • Giving family members the opportunity to serve as part of your ongoing support system.
  • Teaching your family about addiction and its effects on families.
  • Educating your loved ones about how treatment works and what to expect after it’s complete.
  • Providing a safe and supportive place to air hurts and grievances.
  • Easing intense emotions and confusion related to addiction.
  • Helping families address coping behaviors such as codependency and enabling.
  • Allowing family members to develop healthy skills and strategies to encourage a loved one to stay on the path to recovery.
  • Addressing underlying mental health issues if you require dual diagnosis treatment.
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How Family Therapy is Used at Our Jacksonville Center

At Gateway Foundation, we see how addiction significantly affects the family unit, breaking down relationships and hurting individuals. Through positive change, family therapy for addiction at our Jacksonville center helps break unhealthy behaviors related to substance abuse and foster healthy individual growth.

During your treatment, your family will learn how they can support your overall health and sobriety. They will also get the care they need to heal from their own struggles. Through improved insight, learning and communication, our goal is to help your family come out of treatment prepared to work together for a healthier and happier future.

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Contact Our Jacksonville Center to Learn About Family Therapy for Addiction

Healing is possible for families after the heartbreak of addiction. Gateway Foundation is here to help. If you would like to involve your family in your addiction treatment, contact our Jacksonville location today to learn how. You can also give us a call at 217-286-6991.