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How to Find Drug Rehab Centers in Jacksonville, IL

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Drug Rehab Centers in Jacksonville, IL

Ending addiction and saying no to its hold on your life takes courage and strength, but it’s not something you have to do on your own. When you’re ready to take those first, all-important steps on your lifelong path of recovery, finding the right drug rehab center is a crucial decision.

At Gateway Foundation in Jacksonville, IL, you’ll find compassionate addiction specialists who will provide you with the support and encouragement you need to end your fight with addiction once and for all.

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What is Drug Addiction?

Sadly, addiction is often viewed as a moral failing or a lack of self-control. In reality, addiction is a disease. Drugs like heroin, meth and fentanyl change how your brain registers pleasure. As addiction takes hold, it undermines your thoughts, behaviors and motivations. Everyone’s path to addiction is difficult, with different influences and triggers playing a part, yet the result is the same. The brain is changed both structurally and functionally over time.

Just like any disease, addiction should be treated, preferably by medical professionals at a drug rehabilitation center. With the right treatment, you can be on the road to recovery.

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The Signs of Drug Addiction

If you are not sure if you or someone you care for is addicted to drugs, there are a few general signs to look out for that could indicate there is a problem:

  • Problems at work or school
  • Drastic changes in relationships
  • Disinterest in things you once took pleasure in
  • Changes in physical appearance, such as a lack of personal grooming
  • Altered behavior, such as increased risk-taking
  • Lack of energy
  • Decreased appetite or weight loss
  • Financial issues, such as borrowing more money or not paying bills on time
  • Defensiveness when asked about substance use

What to Look for in Drug Addiction Rehab Centers in Jacksonville, IL

When you’ve decided to start looking for rehab centers, you want to find one that has the programs and personalization you need. Here are some of the benefits of Jacksonville’s Gateway Foundation that are designed to ensure you meet your rehab goals:

Focused on the Whole Person

All aspects of your recovery are covered — physical, mental, emotional and social.

Medical Support

From withdrawal management to medication-assisted treatment, you can count on 24/7 medical support to help you handle detox, withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Exposure of Underlying Issues

During your therapeutic sessions, you will discover the underlying issues and factors that contributed to your addiction — as well as skills and strategies to overcome them in the future.

Peer Support

Along with therapy from addiction professionals, you will be surrounded by others on their road to recovery. These opportunities help you relearn how to talk, socialize and communicate while sober.

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Learn More About the Programs and Services Offered at Our Jacksonville, IL, Drug Rehab Center

At Gateway Foundation in Jacksonville, IL, you’ll find professionals dedicated to walking with you every step of the way on your road to recovery. Our drug rehab center has an array of services to ensure you find personalized care that will help you heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Contact our Jacksonville drug rehab center online or give us a call at 217-286-6991.

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