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Benefits of Trauma Therapy for Addiction in Jacksonville, IL

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Trauma Therapy

If you’ve experienced trauma, using drugs or alcohol may be the only way you know how to get through each day. These substances are a way to numb, self-soothe or fight against troubling feelings, thoughts and unbearable memories. At Gateway Foundation in Jacksonville, IL, we understand the role trauma can play in substance misuse. Our trauma therapy services for addiction address the trauma of your past so you can move forward into a fulfilling, substance-free future.

How Trauma Therapy Works

There is a critical need to address trauma as part of substance addiction treatment. There are many types of trauma, both physical and psychological. Some trauma stems from a single event, like a violent crime or natural disaster. That single moment can redefine your life and development. Other times, trauma stems from repetitive events, such as abusive homes or serving in the military.

When someone experiences trauma, they must learn to cope with it. There are healthy ways to deal with trauma, but not everyone is equipped with these. That’s why, too often, individuals turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the stress.

Trauma therapy can be an excellent way to address underlying trauma and addictive behaviors simultaneously. Trauma-informed therapy recognizes that the event or circumstances you experienced were terrifying, overwhelming and violating. Each session creates a secure environment where you can restore your sense of safety, power and self-worth.

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The Role of Trauma Therapy in Addiction

For an addiction recovery program to be effective, it needs to consider the whole person. By resolving underlying issues of trauma, individuals are more likely to recover from co-occurring addictions and avoid the dangers of relapse. Trauma-informed therapy is a form of dual-diagnosis treatment that addresses trauma and addiction simultaneously to resolve both issues.

The Benefits of Trauma Therapy Services in Jacksonville, IL

Our trauma therapy program at Gateway Jacksonville seeks to help you fight back against addiction and conquer inner turmoil. This form of treatment provides many benefits to those healing from addiction:

  • Creates a space of compassion, respect and safety where you can heal
  • Helps you understand the link between addiction and underlying mental health issues, like trauma
  • Fosters a sense of self-worth, self-compassion and self-respect to counteract the guilt and shame due to trauma
  • Empowers you to develop coping skills and healthy solutions to past trauma and future difficulties
  • Connects you with ongoing support resources, such as Gateway’s aftercare resources
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Learn More About Trauma Therapy Sessions for Addiction Recovery in Jacksonville, IL

For those struggling with yesterday’s trauma and today’s addiction, trauma therapy could be exactly what you need to break free. At Gateway Jacksonville, we provide you with a completely personalized treatment program to ensure the most effective addiction treatment possible. Whether you’re interested in trauma therapy or one of our other evidence-based services, contact us today to learn more.