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12-Step Recovery Treatment for Addiction in Jacksonville, IL

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12-Step Recovery Treatment

At Gateway Foundation in Jacksonville, IL, we understand treatment is just the beginning of your lifelong battle with addiction. Through therapy, aftercare and beyond, our goal is to equip you so you can maintain your health and sobriety for years to come. One way to begin and support a sober life is through a 12-step addiction treatment program. Through facilitation and support, 12-step recovery is one of the evidence-based practices we use to bring healing from a life of addiction.

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The Signs of Addiction

Addiction is not a moral failing or lack of self-control. It’s a serious medical condition. Repeated misuse of drugs and alcohol can change how the brain operates, both structurally and functionally. Addiction undermines your thoughts, motivations and behaviors, causing you to repeatedly use a substance despite its negative impact on your life.

Some common signs of addiction include:

  • Inability to control substance use
  • Physical side effects, like withdrawal symptoms
  • Decreased socialization or relationship problems
  • Financial difficulties or problems at work
  • Risky behaviors, such as sharing needles
  • Physical changes, like weight loss or lack of hygiene

What is the 12-Step Recovery Program in Jacksonville, IL?

While many programs can help individuals break free from substance misuse, one method that has helped many people recover is 12-step addiction treatment. Our 12-step support services offer lifelong support, which is in line with our belief that addiction is a lifelong disease. We aim to encourage active involvement in a 12-step fellowship, both on-site and in the community — the most well-known examples being Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

This evidence-based treatment involves the Twelve Step Facilitation (TSF) model, a proven curriculum that can significantly reduce substance misuse post-rehabilitation. During these sessions, a counselor:

  • Explains the 12-step concepts and history
  • Educates you on how to incorporate 12-step groups into your personal recovery
  • Explores the benefits of engagement
  • Examines why past experiences or ambivalence can hinder the healing process

How Our 12-Step Addiction Services in Jacksonville, IL, can Help You

Recovery from substance addiction requires significant lifestyle changes. Although there is no single path to recovery, the peer support and accountability of a 12-step program can be a vital aspect of living a recovery-based lifestyle. Our 12-step addiction services help patients battle addiction both within our Jacksonville center and once they reenter their regular life. This program offers many benefits:

  • Support and fellowship: 12-step meetings are a great place to build relationships with peers who share similar experiences.
  • Structure: Regular meetings help build structure and routine within your days.
  • Accountability: When others notice your absence, this provides a sense of accountability.
  • Access: 12-step meetings are available nearly anywhere at multiple times of day. They also don’t require fees or medical insurance.
  • Guidance: You can form relationships with those who have been in recovery for longer and gain guidance from their experiences.
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Contact Gateway Jacksonville to Learn About 12-Step Addiction Recovery Services

Sobriety is an achievable lifelong goal. Our 12-step program at Gateway Jacksonville can help you reach your recovery goals. Contact us today to take your first steps toward a substance-free life.