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Benefits of Motivational Interviewing for Addiction in Gurnee, IL

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Motivational Interviewing

A successful recovery requires you to choose to make positive and lasting changes, and Motivational Interviewing is one of the counseling techniques we offer at Gateway Foundation in Gurnee, IL. This form of substance use therapy is just one of many that we can incorporate into your overall treatment plan as part of our commitment to finding the right strategy for your individual needs.

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What is Motivational Interviewing?

Many patients who come to us for help want to enter our recovery program and are ready to make a change. Others still lack the motivation to quit despite the many harmful effects substance misuse has had on their life. Motivational Interviewing is an effective therapeutic technique for all patients, but especially those who aren’t completely committed to their recovery process.

As the name suggests, Motivational Interviewing, or MI, is about motivating individuals to change their destructive behavior patterns. It seeks to engage patients and get them directly involved in their recovery. Most people dealing with addiction are at least partly aware of its negative consequences on their life. MI asks them to think about how substance use has impacted their relationships, career and health. This facilitates the process of recovery by helping patients overcome their fear of change or ambivalence to increase their motivation.

The Benefits of Motivational Interviewing Addiction Therapy

At our center in Gurnee, IL, we understand that not everyone who attends rehab truly wants to be there. There are a variety of reasons certain individuals don’t fully commit to the recovery process. Motivational Interviewing offers many benefits, both to those who are invested in their treatment and those who are not:

  • patient-centered: MI is about figuring out what a patient wants — not what a counselor thinks is best.
  • Discover positives to sober living: MI debunks the positive feelings associated with substance use and helps patients find the positives of sobriety instead.
  • Breaks ambivalence: Ambivalence is the opposite of progress. MI forces patients out of ambivalence and helps motivate them to move forward with recovery.
  • Practical: MI is practical and specific. patients make a plan and learn what concrete steps are necessary to put that plan into action.
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How MI Addiction Therapy is Utilized at Gateway Foundation in Gurnee, IL

Motivational Interviewing is one of the most effective counseling methods, especially if you have not had success with other therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy. At Gateway’s Gurnee location, MI is just one of the many services we offer to help you take control of your life and your recovery.

To ensure we design a treatment program that works for you, we have an extensive list of proven services and therapies that can also be incorporated into your care, including:

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Learn More About Motivational Interviewing at Our Gurnee Center

Whether or not you’re completely ready to make a change, recovery is the best option to ensure a brighter future for you and your loved ones. Learn how Motivational Interviewing can help you when you contact Gateway Foundation in Gurnee, IL, or give us a call at 855-944-3537.

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