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Benefits of Family Counseling for Addiction in Gurnee, IL

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Family Counseling

Addiction touches far more than the individual struggling with substance misuse. It reaches out its tentacles and surrounds whole families in heartbreak, chaos and brokenness. Recovery is the first step to healing, both for individuals and families. At Gateway Foundation in Gurnee, IL, our family counseling services center wants to help you and your loved ones lay the foundation for renewed hope and healing.

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What is Family Counseling?

Individual therapy is a key component to effective addiction treatment. Yet, you undoubtedly have family members who were also impacted by your years of substance misuse. One of the most devastating consequences of addiction is broken relationships. Family counseling provides a therapeutic space where relationships between your family members are defined and closeness can be repaired if your family members choose. Your family counseling may include your spouse, children, other blood relatives or any close relationship invested in your recovery.

The goal of family counseling is for your family support system to learn how they can encourage your recovery journey. These sessions are also a safe space where your loved ones can adjust to your sobriety and process and heal from their own hurts. Through understanding and improved communication, your family can feel prepared to make changes that will improve the home environment and help them walk toward a healthier, happier future together.

How Family Counseling Helps Fight Addiction

Addiction can completely devastate the family unit, creating trauma and chaos for everyone involved. Family therapy encourages positive change and can help fight addiction in several vital ways:

  • Highlights enabling and codependency behaviors
  • Encourages loved ones to support your treatment
  • Allows families to heal together
  • Provides education about addiction
  • Teaches relapse prevention tools
  • Offers a safe space where hurts and grievances can be aired and forgiven
  • Eases intense and often painful emotions
  • Educates about and addresses any underlying mental health issues
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Learn More About Family Counseling Sessions for Addiction in Gurnee, IL

Even after the heartbreak of addiction, your family can heal. Gateway Foundation can help. We give individuals and families a safe place to confront the trauma of substance misuse, heal and forgive. Contact us today to learn more about family counseling and other professional and medical services available in Gurnee, IL.

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