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Where to Find the Best Substance Abuse Counseling in Chicago, IL

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Substance abuse refers to the intentional misuse of drugs or the use of illegal substances. Over time, substance abuse can lead to addiction — physical and psychological compulsions to use drugs despite the potential consequences. If you deal with substance use or addiction, specialized counseling for these conditions can help you recover.

Gateway Chicago River North offers outpatient substance abuse counseling to patients in Chicago, IL. Together, we can work toward a life without drugs.


What Is Substance Abuse Counseling?

During substance abuse counseling, you will learn how to understand your thoughts and beliefs surrounding drugs and build recovery skills to handle difficult situations. You can choose from multiple types of therapy to find a model that fits your symptoms. Common approaches in addiction counseling include:

How Does Counseling Contribute to Recovery?

Addiction and substance use disorders have symptoms that you can manage through counseling. You may know someone who sees a counselor for a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Substance use counseling works similarly because it helps you understand your symptoms and find ways to manage them. Substance abuse and addiction counseling deliver these advantages for recovery:

  • Personalized support: Your counselor will become an essential partner in your recovery. During counseling, they’ll listen to your needs and give you individualized guidance as you learn the skills you need to recover.
  • Strategies for sustained recovery: The coping skills that you’ll discuss in therapy aim to help you stay in recovery. Your lessons in counseling will give you strategies to use when you have the urge to use a substance.
  • New ways to approach life’s difficulties: Many of the skills taught in substance abuse counseling also apply to everyday situations. Recovery strategies often focus on understanding your thoughts and behaviors to take action.
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How Do You Find the Best Substance Abuse Counseling Services in Chicago, IL?

The best addiction therapy services will look different for each person because every provider has a unique approach and team. When looking for substance abuse counseling in your area, consider these factors:

  • Available therapy models: Every addiction treatment provider offers specific types of substance abuse therapy. Make sure that the provider you plan to see has counseling models that you think will help your symptoms.
  • Experience and certifications: The field of addiction medicine has decades of history, so you can find substance abuse treatment centers in Chicago with years of experience. A facility’s expertise and certifications will demonstrate the provider’s legitimacy.
  • Additional addiction treatment services: If you want to receive additional addiction recovery services, see if the counseling provider you have in mind also offers them.
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Our Counseling Services for Substance Abuse in Chicago, IL

At Gateway Chicago River North, we offer multiple types of substance abuse counseling to meet your unique needs. We will work with you to find a counseling model that will provide the most benefits for your symptoms. To learn more about our outpatient substance use treatment services, call us at 312-663-8853 or contact our staff online.