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Benefits of Medical Detoxification for Addiction in Caseyville, IL

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Medical Detoxification

One of the treatment services we offer our patients is medical detoxification for addiction in Caseyville, IL. Though detox is an important part of addiction treatment, not everyone needs to receive medical detoxification services.

To determine whether medical detoxification is right for you, you should know what exactly medical detoxification is, what the benefits are for addiction treatment and how we use medical detoxification therapies in Caseyville, IL.

What is Medical Detoxification?

Some substances do not require detox, such as marijuana. For others, however, we use medical detoxification to safely and effectively help patients withdraw from substance use.

For those who need medical detoxification, this step can be one of the most intimidating parts of the process. The key is anticipating which withdrawal symptoms may appear and then having professionals who can treat the symptoms safely.

In the first few days of withdrawal, the most severe symptoms appear. Typically, symptoms will taper off and patients will transition from a detox center to a rehab program. However, withdrawal symptoms can linger during rehab and beyond, which makes alcohol and drug medical detoxification an ongoing concern. Physical withdrawal symptoms are usually the first to disappear, while psychological and emotional symptoms tend to stick around much longer.

When you stop using alcohol or drugs, the balance of chemicals in your brain is impacted. During this time, you may experience uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety, racing thoughts and disturbances in your appetite and sleep. Even if these feelings do not last long, they can be overwhelming.

Medical detoxification educates patients on what to expect and consists of:

  • Physician-directed care
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Medication for safety and comfort

Benefits of Medical Detoxification for Addiction Treatment

The following are the benefits of medical detoxification for addiction treatment:

  • Medical support and supervision: Medical support and supervision may be needed to give ongoing attention to physical and psychological symptoms, especially for opioid and alcohol withdrawal. During withdrawal, some may be prone to seizures, for example, while others may lose too much weight due to a loss of appetite.
  • Therapy for psychological withdrawal symptoms: Medical detoxification may also include therapy for psychological withdrawal symptoms. Individual and group therapy can help patients identify the withdrawal symptoms they are experiencing and move past them. When emotional pain is a patient’s biggest problem, therapy is the answer.
  • Medication-assisted treatment: For patients, one of the best options is medication-assisted treatment, which involves the use of prescription medications that can reduce withdrawal symptoms. A medical professional will provide guidance on the proper use of medications and administer accurate amounts for safe withdrawal.
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Learn More About Medical Detoxification for Addiction Treatment

Gateway provides medical detoxification treatment to ease the transition to addiction recovery. Contact us for additional information about our medical detoxification services in Caseyville, IL.

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