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Benefits of Behavioral Therapy for Alcohol Addiction in Caseyville, IL

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Behavioral Therapy

Behind an individual’s addiction to alcohol are negative thoughts, beliefs and intense emotions that strengthen that substance’s hold over their life. Behavioral therapy addresses these and helps people break free from alcohol addiction and pursue recovery.

At Gateway Foundation in Caseyville, IL, we utilize behavioral therapy and other evidence-based clinical services to help you heal from the mental and emotional impact of addiction.

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What is Behavioral Therapy?

Behavioral therapy is an umbrella term referring to a therapeutic modality that seeks to identify and help change potentially destructive behaviors, thoughts and emotions. While this form of treatment is used to treat numerous mental health conditions, behavioral therapy is also beneficial for those struggling with addictions like alcohol use disorder. At its core, behavioral therapy functions on the idea that learned, unhealthy behaviors can be changed. Sessions then teach patients how to pursue and embrace change.

At Gateway Foundation in Caseyville, IL, we use two main types of behavioral therapy in our alcohol addiction treatment program:

How Behavioral Therapy Helps with Alcohol Addiction

Behavioral therapy is based on the idea that thoughts, feelings and behaviors don’t depend on outside stimuli like situations, people or events. Even if you’re unable to change your circumstances, you can still change how you react to them. Accordingly, behavioral therapists work with patients to change how they feel and behave so they don’t turn to alcohol to cope.

In treating alcohol addiction, behavioral therapy offers many benefits:

  • Improved self-control and emotional regulation
  • Ability to recognize situations and circumstances most likely to trigger alcohol use
  • Learning how to avoid triggering incidents
  • Development of coping strategies
  • Ability to cope with problems and behaviors that may lead to alcohol misuse
  • Increased capacity to handle extreme emotions while remaining rational and calm
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What to Expect with Our Behavioral Therapy Services in Caseyville, IL

At Gateway Foundation in Caseyville, we use behavioral therapy alongside an assortment of other evidence-based treatment modalities. We see each person who walks through our doors as an individual with a unique story. We then customize a treatment program based on their specific needs to ensure the most personalized care possible.

Whether you’re a busy professional facing daily stress or a young woman using alcohol to cope with past trauma, everyone’s path to addiction is different. That’s why we combine our behavioral therapy with various other programs and services, such as:

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Learn More About Behavioral Therapy Alcohol Addiciton Treatment in Caseyville, IL

Break free from the thoughts and behaviors that have kept you trapped in alcohol addiction. We invite you to contact us to learn how we use behavioral therapy and our other evidence-based practices to create an environment of care and healing.

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