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Women’s Addiction Treatment in Carbondale, IL

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Women are quickly growing as one of the country’s most at-risk populations for drug and alcohol addiction. From teenage girls struggling with body concerns to older women using opioids to self medicate for pain, women face a variety of unique issues when it comes to substance use. These differences are influenced by biology and the culturally defined roles women are expected to fill.

At Gateway Foundation, our rehab center for women in Carbondale, IL, is proud to provide a compassionate and safe place where women can receive individualized help for substance misuse. If you struggle with addiction, gender-based care may be the best solution for your needs.

Addiction Issues Women Face

When seeking help for addiction, finding treatment that addresses your individual circumstances is crucial. Women face a variety of unique issues and stressors that influence addiction and play a role in their recovery. That’s why, for some women, gender-based care offers the greatest chance of a successful recovery.

Here are just a few of the hurdles women face that threaten whether their addiction rehab will be successful:

  • Social stigma: Women, especially mothers, find it difficult to seek treatment because of how addiction and rehab may be perceived by others.
  • Undiagnosed mental health problems: Many women suffer from co-occurring mental health problems that increase the odds of self-medicating behaviors and relapse.
  • Romantic relationships: Whether it’s an abusive spouse or a messy breakup, relationship issues, domestic violence and divorce can put a woman’s sobriety at risk.
  • Body issues and self-esteem: From using stimulants for weight loss to drinking alcohol to boost your confidence, using drugs and alcohol to build self-esteem puts women at risk of addiction.

How Women’s Addiction Therapy Is Different

Understanding our patients’ backgrounds is key to getting them the help they need. That’s why we are proud to offer science- and evidence-based rehab created explicitly for women. Our programs are designed to meet the physical, mental and psychosocial health needs of women from every walk of life.

Whether you’re a mother scared of losing your children because you struggle with drug addiction or a busy professional using alcohol to manage your stress, our women’s addiction therapy offers a few distinctions central to treating women:

  • Creates a sense of unity among women
  • Connects women with similar experiences and struggles so that they can support each other
  • Shows women that addiction, trauma and the past do not define who they are
  • Allows women to support and encourage each other
  • Promotes healing through understanding and connection
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Women’s Addiction Therapy and Resources Available in Carbondale, IL

When you come to Gateway Foundation’s Carbondale center, you can be sure of personalized treatment. Our women’s treatment program will be tailored to your exact needs, based on the severity of your addiction and any underlying mental health issues.

Some mothers and busy business professionals do better in a flexible outpatient treatment. Other women require the accountability and 24/7 attention of an intensive inpatient program. These levels of care will include a variety of therapeutic modalities and resources depending on what works best for you, including:

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Contact Our Carbondale Center to Learn More About Women’s Addiction Rehab

If you need personalized care in a caring environment of encouragement and support, our rehab center for women in Carbondale offers a person-centric approach to addiction treatment. Contact us online or give us a call at 618.529.1151 to learn more.