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Benefits of Support Groups and Group Therapy for Addiction in Carbondale, IL

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Support Groups and Group Therapy

If you’ve decided to reach out and get help for your addiction, you’re probably wondering what treatment will be like. Therapy is a key aspect of any program. It allows you to find the truth behind your addiction as well as any underlying issues that may have contributed. While individual therapy is important, group therapy offers many benefits that are critical to your overall treatment goals and ongoing recovery.

At Gateway Foundation, we incorporate addiction support groups into many of our patient’s treatment programs. Learn more about how we use group therapy at our location in Carbondale, IL.

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What is Group Therapy and Addiction Support Groups?

The name says it all. Group therapy is where people facing similar issues come together in a safe, therapeutic setting to find healing. Participants in an addiction support group can freely discuss the challenges they face without fear of judgment or blame because everyone else understands and empathizes.

The goal of group therapy is to help our patients gain a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction while at the same time, finding support from others in the group. At Gateway Foundation, we see peer support as a critical aspect of most treatment plans. While no one is required to share, these interactions and the synergy they create often help patients feel safer and more open to sharing. This allows both our patients and their counselors to discover what lies under the surface.

The Benefits of Peer Support in Addiction Treatment

When you come to Gateway Foundation for treatment, every aspect of your care has a purpose. We utilize group therapy because we have witnessed first-hand the incredible benefits it holds for our patients, including:

  • Combatting isolation: Many come to rehab feeling misunderstood and alone. Group therapy shows people that there are others facing the same problems.
  • Allowing for identification: While our addiction counselors are highly trained and experienced, few have dealt with addiction personally. Within an addiction support group, you’ll find a room full of people with similar experiences. As you share stories and information, there’s a good chance you’ll identify with the unique experiences of others.
  • Opening lines of communication: Meeting others and hearing their stories helps our patients to open up about their own struggles and concerns. Even the most reluctant people find that they feel safer and freer to talk in group therapy surrounded by those who understand.
  • Encouraging recovery: When others share your background, they can address your specific concerns. In group therapy, you will find help, encouragement and first-hand advice from others who have been where you are.
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Learn More About Group Therapy Otions Available at Our Carbondale Center

Find strength and encouragement through the stories of those who are walking their own road to recovery. Group therapy and support groups for addiction are available at our Carbondale center. Learn how we can incorporate this incredible therapeutic tool into your overall care when you contact our Carbondale location. You can also us a call at 618-323-3379.

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