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Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Carbondale, IL

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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Addiction can impact anyone from any background or social status. The right treatment program provides a level of care that meets you where you’re at and gives you the best opportunity for a successful recovery. At Gateway Foundation, our outpatient addiction treatment center in Carbondale, IL, represents our commitment to helping as many individuals as possible with flexible and convenient care.

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What is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Substance addiction treatment programs generally fall into one of two categories — inpatient or outpatient. Outpatient treatment is the less restrictive of the two. patients do not live at our treatment facility. Instead, they receive our medical and clinical services in just a few sessions per week. This level of care is ideal for those who want to get sober without giving up their independent life.

Our outpatient program in Carbondale, IL, is intensive. When you’re with us, we assist you with withdrawal symptoms and provide both individual and group counseling. During your sessions, we address underlying issues behind addiction, target any mental health problems you may be struggling with and arm you with the coping skills you need to reclaim your life from substance dependence.

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Who Should Seek Outpatient Treatment for Addiction?

One of the main justifications people give for not seeking help for their addiction is that they don’t have the time. If you feel like you can’t get away from your personal or professional responsibilities, outpatient addiction treatment may be the best option. It’s also an excellent alternative for those in the earliest stages of substance misuse.

Individuals who would benefit from our outpatient program include:

People with Careers

If you’re eager to get back to your job, outpatient treatment is ideal. You can easily schedule sessions for evenings or weekends. While our program requires commitment and focus, it’s possible to balance work and recovery.


Outpatient programs are a great option for college students who prefer to stay on track toward graduation.

Parents and Caregivers

If you don’t have the resources or outside help to leave your children for an extended time, our outpatient program may benefit you.

Busy Individuals

The flexible and convenient nature of outpatient addiction treatment suits many busy individuals.

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Outpatient Addiction Services in Carbondale, IL

If our outpatient addiction program seems like a good option for you or your loved one, you’ll surely appreciate the comprehensive and personalized approach we take at Gateway Foundation in Carbondale, IL. We get to know each individual who walks through our doors so we can create a plan that will successfully address your unique symptoms and concerns. Plus, our aftercare services ensure an unparalleled continuum of care even after your program ends.

Whichever type of addiction you’re struggling with or whatever your background is, we offer a wide array of services and programs you can participate in during your outpatient sessions, including:

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Learn About Our Carbondale, IL, Outpatient Substance Addiction Treatment Center

Whether you prefer the flexibility of an outpatient program or the more focused care available through residential treatment, the team at Gateway Foundation is here for you. If you would like to learn more about our various levels of care, please contact us online.

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