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How Bloomington, IL, Non-Profit Drug Rehab Center Works

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Drug Rehab in Bloomington, IL

At Gateway Foundation, we understand making a real difference in the lives of people struggling with drug addiction takes dedication, compassion and evidence-based addiction services. For over 50 years, we’ve served communities like Bloomington, IL, to reduce substance misuse and co-occurring mental health problems. We invite you to learn more about how our non-profit drug treatment center in Bloomington can guide you through your recovery journey.

What Does the Drug Rehab Center Do in Bloomington, IL?

While ending drug addiction is a courageous decision, it’s not something you need to do alone. Trying to quit cold-turkey is a physically and mentally taxing process that can ultimately end in relapse. The addiction professionals at Gateway Bloomington strive to make your recovery process more comfortable and relaxed — and ultimately more successful. We provide several vital drug addiction recovery services to help you reach your recovery goals:

Medical Support and Assistance

Addressing your physical needs through withdrawal management, medical oversight and medication-assisted treatment keeps you healthy enough to focus on your ongoing recovery.

Therapeutic Services

True health and wellness are more than abstaining from drugs. That’s why we provide a wide range of clinical therapies so you can explore your future and find fulfillment outside of drug misuse.

Peer Support

Our group therapy and socialization opportunities allow you to relate to others in similar situations and learn how they are battling drug addiction.

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Services Offered at Our Bloomington, IL, Drug Rehab Center

While we offer all our patients the same medical and clinical services, our programs are far from one-size-fits-all. Drug addiction impacts everyone differently, so we design personalized treatment approaches for each patient who walks through our doors. We get to know you — your background, mental wellness issues and specific addiction. This approach allows us to tailor our treatments to your needs. Whether you’re a young adult dealing with stress or a trauma survivor, we have a program or clinical service suited to you, such as:

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Drug Rehab Centers in Bloomington, IL — What to Expect

The first step of the addiction recovery process at Gateway is intake. This assessment allows us to counsel you about what treatments and services we feel would suit you best. This step is also when we help you determine which level of care is right for you. Most drug treatment programs fall into one of two categories — full-time inpatient care or a flexible outpatient program. However, we also offer a partial hospitalization program and other sober living resources.

Once your time with us ends, we continue encouraging your recovery through various aftercare services available to our Bloomington center alumni.

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Learn More About Gateway Bloomington Today

Learn why Gateway Foundation is one of the most recognized names in drug addiction recovery treatment. Contact us today to learn more about the services available at our Bloomington treatment center.