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Benefits of a 12-Step Recovery Treatment Program for Addiction in Bloomington, IL

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12-Step Recovery

If you struggle with addiction, getting help is the first step in your lifelong battle to fight this insidious disease. At Gateway Foundation in Bloomington, IL, we use numerous tactics to educate and equip you to maintain your sobriety for years to come. One technique many of our patients have found effective in battling substance misuse is 12-step addiction recovery treatment. This approach has many distinct benefits, which our team can share with you.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is too often seen as a flaw or lack of control when in actuality, it is a serious disease. While you may have initially chosen to use drugs or alcohol, over time, these substances can change the brain’s structural and functional operations. This phenomenon leads to substance dependence, which undermines your behaviors, thoughts and motivations. This causes you to seek that substance even when it hurts you and those you love.

While everyone is unique, some red flags could indicate that you or a loved one struggles with addiction:

  • Drastic mood swings, including irritability or depression
  • Unusual or risky behaviors
  • Becoming increasingly secretive
  • Abandoned personal or professional responsibilities
  • Relationship problems
  • Financial difficulties
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or activities once enjoyed
  • Physical changes, such as lack of hygiene or weight loss

What is 12-Step Recovery Treatment?

For over 85 years, 12-step recovery has been used to help many people find hope and healing in sobriety. Most people recognize the two most well-known 12-step fellowships, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). We offer 12-step recovery support services for addiction at our Bloomington, IL, treatment center. This approach involves 12-step fellowship both in-person and within the community.

Although 12-step programs are not right for everyone, we want to ensure those who would benefit from them have access to these fellowships while working with our team. We offer a Twelve Step Facilitation (TSF) model, which is a curriculum shown to reduce the risk of relapse post-treatment. During 12-step meetings, your counselor will:

  • Explain the history and concepts behind 12-step recovery
  • Teach you how to include 12-step groups into your overall recovery plan
  • Explore the benefits of remaining actively engaged
  • Examine how past experiences or apathy can hinder the recovery process
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12-Step Addiction Services and Benefits in Bloomington, IL

Although we utilize many paths to recovery at Gateway Foundation, our 12-step recovery treatment program in Bloomington, IL, offers many benefits:

  • Peer support: 12-step meetings are an opportunity to build a support network with peers who share similar stories to your own.
  • Routine: As you continue your recovery journey post-treatment, these regular meetings will add structure to your days.
  • Accountability: If you feel tempted to use, other members are always available to keep you accountable.
  • Access: There are 12-step meetings nearly everywhere at various times throughout the day, and they don’t cost anything.
  • Guidance: As you listen to those who have been in recovery for longer, you’ll gain valuable insight that will help you remain strong.
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Learn More About 12-Step Recovery Treatment and its Benefits in Bloomington, IL

Addiction is a lifelong disease that requires a lifelong solution. Learn how 12-step recovery and our other evidence-based treatments can help your recovery journey. Contact Gateway Foundation today for more information.