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Addiction Therapy Services in Aurora, IL

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Our Addiction Therapy Services Can Help

At Gateway Foundation, we provide life-saving treatment to those grappling with addiction.

Our addiction therapy services go beyond addressing addiction’s physical symptoms. We focus on helping patients achieve new levels of health and wellness so they can reclaim their lives.

We are proud to serve communities in Aurora, IL with customized, effective care and evidence-based addiction treatment services.

What is Addiction?

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Addiction is a disease. Substances like alcohol, opiates and other drugs change the way your brain registers pleasure, learning and motivation. While the underlying reasons that lead to addiction may be different, one fact remains the same — continued substance use changes the structure and function of the brain over time.

Just as diabetes or heart disease impairs the pancreas or damages the heart, addiction overwhelms the brain. Today more than ever, health professionals understand that addiction is a disease — not a moral failing. As with any disease, the right treatment is crucial to recovery. Addiction therapy services ensure patients get the help they need to put the disease of addiction into remission.

The Benefits of Therapy for Addiction

Individuals in the Aurora, IL area who are struggling with addiction have an effective and evidence-based method of breaking free from this disease. The addiction therapy services offered at Gateway Foundation are designed to provide hope and healing so you can have a new lease on life. Our treatment includes many unique benefits:

  • Customized care: Addiction can impact anyone — men and women, busy professionals and students, adolescents and seniors. That’s why addiction treatment should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, individualized care is essential to overall success.
  • Addresses underlying challenges: From powerful emotions to trauma, each patient may face underlying issues that must be addressed in order to move beyond addiction.
  • Evidence-based approach: Our addiction therapy services are proven to be effective and backed up by medical science.
  • Network of support: From the medical professionals watching over your care to your loved ones back at home, we help you create a network of support to encourage your recovery for years to come.
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Let us help you stop the physical, mental and emotional effects of addiction in their tracks. Through the evidence-based services provided at our Aurora location, you can find renewed hope and the strength you need to begin to heal. Finding the road to recovery may be difficult, but Gateway Foundation is here to help.

Begin finding the way out of addiction today.

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