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What is Transitional Housing?

What takes place in rehab is all in support of one feat, the pursuit of recovery. The entire treatment process seeks to prepare the patients for a lifetime without drugs or alcohol. After treatment, the patient then heads out to begin life anew. Unfortunately, not all exiting patients are completely ready to take on all the necessary responsibilities. For those people, transitional housing is a viable option. What is transitional housing? We will answer that question below.

What is Transitional Housing?

By definition, transitional living is a living option that allows the resident to slowly transition into another kind of living. As it pertains to recovery, the term would be sober living transitional housing. Literally, the resident will spend time living in a sober environment until they feel capable of safely living life on life’s terms. Remember, relapse is the enemy of someone in recovery. If they feel unsure about how they will handle triggers and temptation on the outside, then they can spend time gathering confidence in a transitional home.

For patients who complete treatment in the Midwest, we can provide access to sober living homes in Illinois. In fact, Gateway is affiliated with some really nice sober living transitional housing in the region.

How Sober Living Works

Once the resident enters a sober living environment, they usually start out with a lot of restrictions. They have to follow house rules and also handle an assortment of responsibilities in support of the facility. Over time, the resident should start showing signs of stability and confidence.

Slowly but surely, the residence manager will decrease the restrictions and allow the resident more access to outside responsibilities. When the resident’s recovery seems to be on a strong footing, they should then be able to transition back into a normal life. There’s no real timetable, though most people will move through sober living in one to three months. Hopefully, that answers the question, what is transitional housing?

Starting Recovery With Gateway

Gateway is a nonprofit addiction treatment organization with facilities in Illinois and other parts of the country. After 50 years of serving millions of people suffering from addiction, we are proud of our status in the industry. The secret to our success is an absolute focus on our patients, using cutting-edge treatment modalities and resources. Depending on the facility, we offer the following treatment services:

As you contemplate your options after addiction treatment, don’t be afraid to ask questions like what is transitional housing. What you will find out is Gateway fully supports the notion of aftercare options like sober living. Remember, no one expects you to fly solo until you feel confident enough to stave off the possibility of relapses. If you want more information about our services, you can call one of our staff members at 877.381.6538.

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