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Types of Intoxicated Personalities (And What They Say About Possible Alcohol Use)

Have you ever wondered why some people become more agreeable while others more aggressive when intoxicated? According to research, different people exhibit different personality traits when under the influence. Read on to discover the four types of “drunk personalities” and what they could mean for you or your loved ones.

Types of Drunk Personalities

One study supports the existence of at least four types of drunk personalities. Different personas brought about by intoxication can also put people at a higher risk for alcohol-related harms — injuries, unwanted sexual encounters, aggressive behavior and more.

The study asked 187 pairs of undergraduate drinking buddies to answer a series of questions revealing which of the “big five” personality traits they associated with. These included neuroticism, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and extraversion. Analysis of the participant’s responses led to the description of four main drunk personalities. 

The four types of drunk people, as evidenced by this study, are:

  1. The Ernest Hemingway: As the largest personality group from the study, the Ernest Hemmingway individuals did not change too much even after consuming copious amounts of alcohol.
  2. The Mr. Hyde: The Mr. Hyde drinking type tends to be less responsible and intellectual and more belligerent when under the effects of alcohol. Memory blackouts, arrests and instances of aggression are more likely with this personality.
  3. The Nutty Professor: These individuals tend to undergo the most changes after drinking and are usually introverted when sober. When intoxicated, The Nutty Professor types become dramatized, loud and boisterous. The good news is, unlike Mr. Hyde types, they are not associated with drinking harm. 
  4. The Mary Poppins: As the smallest personality group from the study, these drinkers were more likely to be sweet, responsible and agreeable than their counterparts. They also experienced fewer alcohol-related issues compared to those most affected.

What Different Types of Drunks Say About Possible Alcohol Abuse

The study’s results may shed light on potential links between different personality profiles and the alcohol-related consequences that can result. In doing so, we may have a greater understanding of how an individual’s personality is intertwined with drinking and intoxicated behaviors.

With these new understandings, health professionals can better tailor treatment plans and offer help to those who need it. 

Get Treatment for Alcohol Addiction Today

No matter why you drink, evaluate the impact of your actions or what your intoxicated personality type may mean for your overall well-being. 

If you or a loved one feels as if your drunken behavior has gone too far, reach out to Gateway Foundation for help. For over 50 years, our team of compassionate and experienced doctors, clinical staff and psychologists have helped patients overcome both the chemical dependency of alcohol addiction as well as any underlying mental health disorders. With individualized, evidence-based treatment, we help you get back on track to a fulfilling life free of addiction.

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