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Five Tips for Staying Safe and in Recovery on Halloween

Holidays can be a particularly challenging time for those on the path to recovery. With everyone letting loose and a social implication that partying will include access to alcohol or drugs, you may be worried about staying sober during this time.

As Halloween approaches, know that it is certainly possible to have fun with your friends while staying safe and sober. These five tips are a great start to keep you on track as you celebrate Halloween. Personalize them to your plans and party for a spooky yet safe night!

1. Only Drink What You Know to Be Safe

When it comes to bigger parties with lots of people you may or may not know, it’s always a wise idea to keep an eye on your food or drink. Better yet, bring your own nibbles or beverages to the party so that you know it hasn’t been spiked. If you’re unsure whether a drink, such as punch, has alcohol in it, ask around first. Better safe than sorry when it comes to someone potentially tampering with your food or drink!

2. Wear Bright Clothing at Night

If you’re out walking at night, for instance, if you’re accompanying trick-or-treaters or heading home from a party, be sure to wear bright clothing. That way, you’ll be more visible to drivers. Also, stick to sidewalks, be aware of your surroundings and try to be as visible as possible for a safe Halloween!

3. Surround Yourself With a Support Network

If you have any concerns about celebrating Halloween in recovery, one of the best things you can do is lean into your support system. Go to an AA or NA meeting to ground yourself in reminders of why you are fighting for recovery. If possible, spend your Halloween with people who understand your struggle and whom you can trust to stand by you rather than tempting you to stray.

4. Give Yourself a Curfew

Having a cut-off time might not sound like the most exciting way to celebrate a party, but ending the night early can help you to stick to a sober Halloween. The later you stay out and the more tired you become, the lower your inhibitions are likely to drop. In addition, a late-night party may provide more opportunities to fall off the wagon. Rather than staying out late, start the festivities early and give yourself a curfew hour.

5. Throw a Halloween Party at Home

If the pressure of attending a party while in recovery sounds too much, you can create a memorable holiday for yourself without all the fuss! Get your own snack-size bag of candy, decorate your home and invite a few friends over for a scary movie night. You can easily tap into the spirit of Halloween without the noise, busyness and temptations of partying with others who may be drinking or doing drugs.

Let Gateway Help During Holiday Time

Gateway is here to support you or your loved one. We know the holidays can be especially hard — it’s why we’re here to help. Contact us today with any questions or to begin your road to addiction recovery.

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