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7 Movies We Recommend for Those in Recovery

During recovery, people usually have some free time to watch movies about addiction. Some of our movie recommendations for those in recovery may move you to tears, while others will get you excited. It’s important to note that guidance and support may be needed to prevent relapse triggers. These addiction movies are not supposed to promote substance or alcohol use — they’re meant to remind everyone that we must take precautions to stay on the path to full recovery. That said, here are our top seven recommendations.

1. Clean and Sober

Daryl Poynter is a successful real estate professional who’s also a cocaine addict. He steals from his company through an escrow account and loses money in the stock market. After an unsuccessful attempt to flee the country fails, he finds a drug rehab program that offers anonymity.

2. My Name Is Bill W

This movie is based on the true-life story of Bill W, one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. This award-winning movie shows how Bill W had to deal with depression and alcoholism. He eventually formed the renowned Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which has helped thousands work with others to overcome addiction.

3. Flight

An airline captain who’s heavily into drugs and alcohol wakes up after a night of drinking, drug use, sex and little sleep. He gets onto a flight going from Orlando to Atlanta. After the initial turbulent takeoff, his copilot takes over while he sleeps. He eventually wakes up as the plane takes a steep dive.

4. 28 Days

Gwen, the main character in the movie, is an alcoholic who ruins her sister’s wedding and crashes the limo while driving under the influence of alcohol. She has the option to go to jail or spend 28 days in a rehab center. She opts for rehab but refuses to participate in the programs initially. Eventually, she decides to face the truth about her alcohol addiction.

5. When a Man Loves a Woman

Alice, a school counselor who has a drinking problem, is married to Michael, an airline pilot. Her alcoholism makes her reckless, and she neglects her kids when her husband is not at home. Eventually, she admits that she needs help, and her husband helps her on her path to recovery.

6. Everything Must Go

Salesman Nick Halsey gets fired because of his drinking problem. After drinking for a while in the parking garage, he stabs his supervisor’s tire with his Swiss knife as a farewell gift. He drives home and finds that his wife has left, the locks have been replaced and all his belongings are on the ground.

7. Gia

This is a sobering movie about how a life with great potential can be ruined by drugs. Gia, the main character, moves to New York and becomes a fashion model. She meets an agent who helps her rise quickly in the modeling industry. Unfortunately, due to loneliness and depression after her husband’s death, she starts using cocaine. Eventually, she breaks her drug habit, but before then, she contracts HIV through an infected needle, and she dies at the age of 26.

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