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Substance Use Awareness for Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month, highlighting the different precautions men can take to prioritize their health and prevent future issues. Throughout the month, there are different ways men can look after their health through screenings, outreach activities and health fairs.

The Importance of Men’s Health Month

While Men’s Health Month brings awareness to men’s physical health, it also highlights the importance of men and mental health care. Mental health is just as important as physical health because if mental health issues go untreated, they could lead to other problems, such as drug use.

A variety of different celebrities have spoken out about the topic of men’s mental health, such as Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Michael Phelps. Because Men’s Health Month highlights the importance of open dialogue about mental health, it can reduce the stigma of mental illness among men. Mental health used to be a taboo topic, especially for men, but it has become more accepted because of this open dialogue.

Men and Mental Health

Men often struggle with opening up about their mental health because it involves openly expressing emotions, which some may not feel comfortable doing. In addition, men may view mental health as a sign of weakness, which can also lead to them not seeking help.

Because of this stigma surrounding mental health, men may turn to substances to self-medicate and dull certain symptoms. However, mental health issues are normal — and men are no exception. Some of the key signs of a mental health disorder include:

  • Experiencing excessive stress or worry
  • Feeling sad or hopeless
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Experiencing dark or suicidal thoughts
  • Thinking obsessively
  • Suffering from mood swings or behavior changes
  • Misusing alcohol or drugs

It is also common for men to avoid seeking treatment for their mental health disorders because they may be perceived as exclusive to women. However, like women, men experience mental health issues but at different rates. Some of the common mental disorders among men include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Schizophrenia

To receive treatment for any mental health problem, it is important to accept that there may be an issue. Without acceptance, men are prone to developing a substance use disorder.

Frequent Factors in Men’s Drug Use

Men frequently turn to self-medication through drugs or alcohol when facing a mental health disorder. Because of this, men often have a substance use disorder for significantly longer than women. This prolonged use of substances can also lead to an increased risk for an overdose, as men’s bodies require more of a substance to lead to intoxication.

Addiction also tends to be more severe in males because they wait longer before seeking treatment. In addition, men experience strong withdrawal symptoms, which results in more difficult early stages of abstinence. Seeking professional medical help is especially important for men trying to recover from a substance use disorder.

Seeking Professional Help

After seeking professional medical support for their addiction, men are less likely to relapse, so they are more likely to have long-lasting results. It is vital that men seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms and prevent overdose.

With the help of a supportive medical team, men suffering from a substance use disorder can begin their recovery and learn how to live a sober life. They can also receive treatment designed specifically for their needs to increase their comfort levels and help them build a network of other men with similar experiences.

Contact Gateway Foundation for Treatment Programs for Men

At Gateway Foundation, we offer specific rehabilitation services and treatment for men. With our 50 years of experience in providing people with long-term treatment plans, we understand how to create an individualized plan tailored to your needs.

Our team also uses evidence-based approaches to provide the most effective treatment possible. With our services that cater to men’s specific needs, you will experience a network of support from men who have shared the same experiences with their mental health and addiction. To learn more about our rehabilitation program for men, contact us today and begin the journey to a sober life.

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