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Helping My Spouse With Methamphetamine Addiction

Addiction is one of the most difficult challenges you can face within a marriage. While drugs and alcohol can lead to trouble and heartbreak, methamphetamine addiction is especially disturbing. This highly addictive stimulant can lead to frightening psychological side effects such as drastic mood swings, aggressive behavior and paranoia.

You might feel totally powerless in the face of your spouse’s meth addiction. Yet, there are healthy ways of dealing with an addicted spouse. You can empower yourself with knowledge and strength so that you can help your spouse find their way out of the darkness of addiction.

Signs Your Spouse May Be Addicted to Meth

“My husband or my wife is addicted to methamphetamine.” You’ve probably had this thought for a while — but what if you’re not sure? Deceit is a hallmark of addiction. Chances are your spouse has been lying about their meth use when confronted. So, how can you know if your suspicions are right?

Here are some of the most common signs of meth addiction that you can observe in your marriage:

  • Spending unaccounted hours away from home
  • Lying about their whereabouts or refusing to tell you
  • Neglecting home and relational responsibilities, such as family time or housework
  • Disappearing funds
  • Struggling at work or losing their job
  • Disconnection from their surroundings
  • Physical symptoms of meth use, such as wakefulness, a sudden crash and skin sores
  • Behavioral signs, such as erratic speech and actions, jerky movements and drastic mood swings

One of the most telling signs of addiction is your own instincts. Listen to your gut, as you may be subconsciously observing changes that point to meth addiction.

How Meth Use Impacts Relationships

Addiction is one of the leading causes of divorce in the United States. When you’re married to a person with addiction, you essentially share a relationship with the drug. Your spouse may not be purposefully trying to be negligent. Sadly, their addiction and need for meth will often take precedence over maintaining your marriage.

Some of the main reasons spouses struggling with addiction have trouble maintaining their relationships include the following:

  • They can’t control their meth use.
  • Your needs are being neglected due to their drug use.
  • You end up doing all the work at home because they are high, passed out or getting more meth.
  • Their meth use covers an unaddressed mental health issue, emotional problem or past trauma.
  • Drug use hinders bonding with you or your kids.
  • Their meth use has led to violent behaviors or scary personality changes.

Far-Reaching Effects of Meth on Relationships

As their partner, you’re likely to experience most of your spouse’s addiction, but their substance use can also affect their relationships with other loved ones.

Your children may notice how their parent has changed and feel scared or as though they receive less attention. Extended family may notice your spouse’s meth use, complicating their interactions at get-togethers or public events, and friends may withdraw after seeing erratic behaviors or other concerns. These distancing relationships may leave you as your partner’s only outlet.

The longer the meth use continues, the more serious the problem becomes. That’s why it’s crucial that you encourage your spouse to get help as soon as you notice the signs and receive the support you need to protect your own well-being.

What Does Methamphetamine Do to You?

Even if you aren’t the one using meth, your partner’s addiction can transform you into someone you don’t recognize — even someone you don’t like. The added stress on your relationship can make you angry, resentful, and prone to outbursts. Fear of your spouse’s next mood swing can make you feel anxious and isolated. Financial concerns might force you to find more ways to keep your family together and supported, leading to exhaustion.

When your partner’s meth addiction threatens to take over your life, you’re not alone. While every situation is different, you can pursue a few ways to help them find a path to recovery.

How to Help My Husband or Wife With Drug Addiction

Divorce is not inevitable, even when you’re confronted with meth addiction. Many couples forge their way through difficulties and discover that their marriage is stronger on the other side. You have the power to change the narrative of your marriage’s story and push for a sober, healthy and happy relationship.

Here are some ways you can help your spouse who is struggling with meth addiction:

  • Educate yourself about addiction and learn how it impacts your loved one’s mind and body.
  • Choose to end enabling behaviors such as ignoring the problem, covering up for your spouse or bailing them out if they get into trouble.
  • Try not to judge, blame or degrade your spouse because of their methamphetamine addiction.
  • Have a clear, honest conversation about how you feel about their meth addiction.
  • Use ultimatums, such as telling your spouse you intend to detach with love if they don’t stop using. However, be aware that ultimatums are only effective if you follow through.

Support for Spouses of Drug Addicts

You should never compromise your well-being at the hands of your spouse’s meth addiction. To ensure you have the strength and resources to walk through your spouse’s recovery process with them, you also need support. You might consider:

  • Creating a support network of friends, family, clergy and other trusted individuals
  • Seeing a family or marriage counselor with your spouse
  • Going to your own therapist to deal with the individual issues you’re facing
  • Attending a support group with others who have loved ones struggling with addiction

Learn About Meth Addiction Treatment at Gateway Foundation

Your marriage can survive methamphetamine addiction. However, your spouse requires professional treatment. At Gateway Foundation, we offer the support and services your spouse needs to take their first steps toward recovery. Through our personalized treatment and comprehensive programs, your spouse and your relationship can get back on the right track.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to learn more about our methamphetamine drug treatment program.

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