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Why Choose Gender-Specific Treatment?

In some ways, addiction is an equalizer. It can affect people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all genders. However, the best way to create a recovery plan for someone is to consider his or her individual needs, and these can be impacted by gender. Gateway Foundation uses science-backed therapy and a personalized recovery approach to ensure you get the life-saving treatment you need to reclaim your life.

Men and Women in Treatment

Men and women may have different needs in treatment for a few reasons:

  • They may face different triggers: Men and women may face different pressures in workplaces and in family life, and they often react to these pressures in different ways. Working with specialists who understand those unique pain points can help on the journey to recovery.
  • They may feel more comfortable with others of the same gender: If a man or woman has been sexually assaulted or abused by a person of the opposite sex and overcoming that trauma is part of their recovery journey, they may feel more comfortable around others of their own gender. Similarly, men or women who have faced rejection or challenges with the opposite sex may respond better to group treatment or support from their own gender.
  • They may face unique, gender-specific situations: Women are sometimes worried about being or becoming pregnant, for example, and having their addiction impact their developing child. They may also be more likely to lack financial independence or have to address child care obligations during the recovery process.

What Is Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment?

Gender-specific treatment includes therapies that help support the unique needs of each gender. For women, this may mean support with child care and, in the case of pregnancy, health care. It can also mean a focus on art therapy or creative therapy as well as group sessions to build a network of female support.

For men, gender-specific addiction treatment may include support with sexual issues, father/son relationships, anger triggers, emotional isolation and other needs men sometimes face. Men may be discouraged from talking about their feelings due to the conflicting societal messages regarding asking for help and getting support. Gender-specific treatment addresses these concerns and ensures men and women both feel supported in their own unique ways.

Gateway Foundation Specializes in Personalized Treatment

Gateway Foundation offers a tailored, science-backed approach to recovery. Our therapies include group and individual therapy, art therapy, withdrawal management, trauma therapy, inpatient and outpatient options, psychiatric care, support groups, medical care, psychological testing, pain relief, movement therapy, alumni services, experiential therapy and more. We have more than 50 years of experience in Illinois and many success stories from men and women who have rebuilt their lives in sobriety.

Our goal at Gateway Foundation is to provide life-saving treatment in a caring environment dedicated to your unique needs. We focus not just on addiction but on helping you recover your family, work, personal and creative life. To find out more about how we can help you reclaim yourself, contact Gateway Foundation or call us at 877.381.6538 today.

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