Read success stories from Gateway alumni to learn about their struggles with substance use disorder and their path to recovery with Gateway. Hear from people who turned their drug addiction into a sobriety success story.

Gateway Voice of Recovery Mariusz young mens success story

Voice of Recovery: Mariusz

Regaining Control: A Young Mens Success Story Feelings of isolation, fear, lack of control and failure were all too familiar for Mariusz. When attempts at creating an idealistic world to escape his reality fell short, Mariusz found comfort in alcohol and drugs at age 15. Like many young men, Mariusz began drinking on the weekends with a new group…

Dr. Tom Britton and Gateway Alum Discuss The Opioid Crisis

Dr. Britton and Gateway Alum Discuss Opioid Crisis

Gateway President and CEO Dr. Thomas Britton and Gateway alum Nick spoke to Niala Boodhoo on Illinois Public Media’s The 21st show to discuss the current opioid crisis and Nick’s journey to recovery. To listen to the podcast, click here. “It destroyed everything.” Nick’s addiction had severe consequences. It damaged his relationships with family and loved ones. He found himself in…