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Best Sober Bars in Chicago for Non-Alcoholic Beer and Mocktails

Chicago is one of the United States’ largest cities, offering plenty of activities and sites that every person can enjoy. From sporting events to top restaurants, you can always find something that matches your interests. A popular destination for adults to visit in Chicago is the various bar and nightlife spots, but what are your options if you’re sober?

People who want to stay sober while they’re hanging out in Chicago can visit one of the numerous sober bars in the city. With ample amounts of locations offering non-alcoholic beers and mocktails, Chicago is a fun city for those who want to enjoy non-alcoholic beverages. 

Learn more about the best sober bars to check out in Chicago when you visit the Windy City.

What Is a Sober Bar?

A sober bar offers non-alcoholic drinks to patrons in a bar-like environment. Some may offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, while others only serve mocktails or non-alcoholic beer. These types of bars have become more prevalent over the years, and you can find some unique locations to enjoy with company.

A neat aspect of sober bars is they often still honor the craft of beverages to give customers a unique and tasty zero-proof drink. Bartenders will pay attention to alcohol-free cocktails as much as they would to traditional cocktails.

You’ll find plenty of ways to locate sober bars in your area. Search for other terms like zero-proof bars, alcohol-free bars and booze-free bars online to see the various businesses that offer non-alcoholic drinks. If you’re in a support group, you can reach out to people there and see what alcohol-free activities are nearby.

What Is a Sober Bar?

Best Sober Bars in Chicago

If you’re searching for the best places to enjoy Chicago’s bars and nightlife locations while remaining sober, this guide has a large selection of places to consider. These locations offer one-of-a-kind zero-proof cocktails and an array of atmospheres, so nearly every person can enjoy a sober bar.

Learn where to go in Chicago for mocktails and non-alcoholic beer and check out these 20 sober bars to see which ones will make your list of must-visit locations.

1. Kumiko

Enjoy a spirit-frees beverage at the exquisite Kumiko cocktail and dining bar in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. Julia Momosé, the owner and creative director at Kumiko, created this unique menu of non-alcoholic beverages for guests to conveniently enjoy delicious spirit-free drinks.

Kumiko offers an extensive menu, including its spirit-frees drinks, wine, beer, sake, cocktails and food. Choose from eight unique spirit-free drinks and two non-alcoholic beers. You can book your reservation at Kumiko to enjoy your delicious spirit-free beverage, but walk-ins are also welcome.

2. Lost Lake

Feel like you’re relaxing in the tropics sipping a refreshing drink at Lost Lake in Chicago. This tropical cocktail bar offers numerous non-alcoholic beverages for guests who aren’t drinkers or who are staying sober.

The bartenders can craft you a variety of tasty zero-proof drinks with house-made syrups and fresh juices. They’ll create tropical and interesting mocktails that will transport you to paradise in the middle of Chicago.

3. Daisies

If you’re looking for a nice place to eat and enjoy a zero-proof cocktail, check out Daisies in Logan Square. Daisies is a stylish restaurant that offers pasta and seasonal vegetables from Chef Joe Frillman’s family’s farm. This location also offers an extensive cocktail menu with a selection of spirit-free beverages.

Some of its spirit-free treats include the Mushroom Sour, which has fermented mushroom, egg white and lemon, and the day vision with fennel shrub, carrot and orange. You can also enjoy a ginger soda or herb soda alone or with a meal.

4. Le Colonial

Enjoy spirit-free cocktails and exceptional Vietnamese dishes at Le Colonial on Chicago’s famous Oak Street. The iconic Vietnamese restaurant has been serving Chicago for over 20 years with its upscale environment and extensive menu.

Le Colonial offers a variety of alcohol-free beverages for those who avoid alcohol consumption. Sip on a tasty zero-proof cocktail like the Mau He, which contains mango, pineapple lemon juice and lychee, or the Mua Dong with ginger beer, lime juice and cucumber. 

5. Galit

Enjoy the delicious Middle Eastern meals and tasty alcohol-free beverages from Galit in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Galit is known for its chef-driven meals and creative beverage menu, and folks searching for non-alcoholic options can enjoy their time at this restaurant.

Try one of the gazoz’s, which is an herby, fizzy and fruity soda. Enjoy the plum gazoz with mint, chia and shrub, or the watermelon gazoz with hyssop, aleppo and cinnamon.

6. Ella Elli

If you’re searching for a place to enjoy a mocktail that has both a nice atmosphere and wonderful Italian-Mediterranean dishes, check out Ella Elli in the middle of Lakeview. This restaurant is known for its large sharing plates and a cozy lounge bar to unwind in the swanky atmosphere.

Inquire with the bartender or service staff about the various types of alcohol-free mocktails they can craft. You can enjoy this establishment solo or cheers with friends with tasty mocktails from Ella Elli.

Best Sober Bars in Chicago

7. Roanoke Restaurant

With an impressive list of craft mocktails and an incredible warm ambiance, Roanoke can be your new favorite restaurant for alcohol-free drinks. This upscale lounge and tavern is a must-visit when you’re exploring Chicago and looking for a place to enjoy a booze-free drink.

Some of the craft sodas you can sip on at Roanoke include kombucha ginger lemon, sparkling grapefruit and sparkling elderflower tonic water. The mocktails you can enjoy include the Farmers Daughter with muddled cucumbers, lemon and basil, and the Coconut Butterfly with blueberries, coconut water, butterfly pea syrup and lime. 

8. Ema

A nice restaurant to try in Chicago with delicious small Mediterranean dishes, fresh bread and lovely mocktails is Ema. Before trying one of its popular signature dishes, like lamb kefta kebabs or spicy hummus, order a zero-proof drink.

You can select from two signature zero-proof beverages, including the Pomegranate Backsplash with pomegranate, lemon, orange and soda, and the Pineapple Ginger Soda, with pineapple, ginger, lime and soda.

9. Summer House Santa Monica

If you’re looking for a location in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood for booze-free cocktails and an incredible atmosphere, stop by Summer House Santa Monica. This restaurant provides West Coast vibes and dishes inspired by California flavors. Its bar menu offers a large selection of non-alcoholic drinks, from mocktails to agua frescas.

The zero-proof drinks you can try at Summer House Santa Monica include the Pineapple Kick with pineapple, jalapeño and orange, the Post Water-Melone with watermelon, mint and lemon, and the Strawberry Fields with strawberry, lavender and sage. You can also enjoy mango or hibiscus agua frescas and LaCroix canned sparkling waters in a variety of flavors.

10. Hub 51

Check out Hub 51 for tasty American eats and non-alcoholic beverages in Chicago’s River North area. Hub 51 is also a late-night lounge where you can spend your night sipping on non-alcoholic drinks with friends. Enjoy various dishes like burgers, sushi and tacos along with a refreshing drink that’s alcohol-free. 

Try out their drink options, like LaCroix Curate mixed with ginger and cucumber for a fresh and light mocktail or a combination of juices, soda waters and other garnishes to drink alone or enjoy with food. 

11. The Pink Squirrel

Are you looking for a cool, retro bar with fun activities and non-alcoholic beverages? Check out The Pink Squirrel in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. The Pink Squirrel has an old-school midwestern feel with fun activities like duckpin bowling and trivia nights. 

You can ask about non-alcoholic versions of its cocktails and try one of its delicious milkshakes. The Pink Squirrel offers boozy and non-boozy milkshakes. Enjoy a fun night of bowling with a tasty milkshake to sip on.

12. Emporium Arcade Bar

The perfect place for a fun evening and great non-alcoholic beverages is the Emporium Arcade Bar. You’ll find three locations in Chicago, including Wicker Park, Logan Square and Fulton Market. The main attraction of this bar is all of the arcade games, table games and pinball machines you can enjoy. People can have the best time at Emporium Arcade Bar simply by playing retro arcade games. It also offers a non-alcoholic drink menu for guests who prefer to stay sober. 

13. Nico Osteria

If you’re looking for a complex mocktail and a chic Italian restaurant in Chicago, take a look at Nico Osteria. Located in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, Nico Osteria offers Italian seafood at the Thompson Chicago hotel. 

Try its unique mocktail called Nice to Be Here. This non-alcoholic beverage contains lemongrass, honey, cinchona, grapefruit and lime. The mocktail offers bitter and tart flavors that create an interesting and nicely layered beverage. 

14. Oriole

Enjoy a lavish evening out at Oriole with its high-end kitchen and spirit-free pairing. Couple the multi-course tasting menu with its non-alcoholic drink pairing for a booze-free night out. 

Julia Momosé of location number 1 on this list created these complex spirit-free beverages to be just as flavorful and unique as traditional cocktails. Try the Pepperberry Tonic with Tasmanian pepperberry, elderflower tonic and other unique ingredients, or order other creative zero-proof drinks that pair nicely with an extravagant dinner.

15. The Moonlighter

The Moonlighter is nestled in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago and has plenty of drink options for mocktail drinkers and cocktail drinkers. This laidback bar is the perfect spot to hang out and sip on a non-alcoholic drink with your friends. 

Start off with its non-alcoholic Bongo Punch, which includes pineapple shrub, spices and soda water, or try one of its other non-alcoholic options. Other booze-free drinks include Athletic Upside Dawn NA Golden Ale, Krombacher Pils NA, Michelada Sobria, sodas and black iced tea. 

The Moonlighter

16. Cindy’s

On the rooftop of the Athletic Association Hotel, you’ll find the cool and hip eatery called Cindy’s Rooftop. Cindy’s offers a stunning view of Millennium Park, The Art Institute of Chicago and Lake Michigan. You’ll find delicious meals and bar snacks at this restaurant and a generous list of booze-free beverages.

The spirit-free section of the drink menu offers thoughtful non-alcoholic drinks. Try the Bored at Stein’s with ritual zero-proof gin, basil, cucumber, lemon, genmaicha and tonic water. For bold and bittersweet flavors, consider the CB+T12 with Kyoto cold brew coffee, cane sugar and tonic water, or enjoy the Winklebottom’s Tonic with Seedlip Garden, honey, lemon, tamarind and soda water. 

17. M Lounge

Enjoy the atmosphere of an intimate cocktail lounge with an extensive mocktail menu. M Lounge is located in Chicago’s South Loop and offers live music and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and regular martinis.

M Lounge has a wide variety of mocktails to choose from, like alcohol-free Champagne, an O’Doul’s or Heineken alcohol-free beer and other mixed mocktails. A sweet mocktail worth trying is the Strawberry Lemonade Fizz Martini, which has a mixture of lemonade, alcohol-free sparkling wine and strawberry puree. 

18. The Promontory

The Promontory is a music venue and eatery in Chicago with modern vibes and an extensive bar area for mocktails and cocktails. The Promontory offers seasonal mocktail drinks for guests wanting a booze-free beverage to enjoy. 

Bartenders have access to a full bar, which gives you the opportunity to create nearly any of your favorite mocktail drinks. Ask about the rotating selection of mocktails the next time you’re out at The Promontory.

19. The Publican

In Chicago’s Fulton Market district, you’ll find the charming and creative restaurant The Publican. This restaurant offers seafood and pork dishes along with tasty zero-proof mocktails. The mocktails and cocktails offer seasonal selections and creative blends of ingredients.

Some of the mocktails you can try at The Publican include the Spiced Strawberry with strawberry, hibiscus, ginger and citrus, the Lemon Mint Tonic with mint meritage, tonic and lemon juice, and the Pineapple Palmer, with pineapple, black tea and lemonade. Make a reservation at The Publican to taste these unique mocktails paired with various dishes. 

20. Gaijin

Try a Japanese pancake, shaved ice desserts and neat non-alcoholic drinks at Gaijin. Gaijin provides a cool, warehouse-style vibe where you can enjoy okonomiyaki, or Japanese pancakes. Gaijin offers an extensive drink menu with plenty of booze-free drink options for customers who want to stay sober.

Check out the hot or iced tea at Gaijin’s from a rare tea cellar. The High Mountain Mango, which contains caffeine, and the Lemon Berry Meritage, which is caffeine-free, are both tasty options for people wanting an alcohol-free drink. You can also select a drink from the Zero ABV menu, like the Cherry Blossom Soda, Hibiscus Fizz, Matcha Lemonade, Ube Sparkling Lemonade, Calpico, Ramune and various sodas. 

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Finding bars and restaurants that offer non-alcoholic beers and mocktails in Chicago is helpful when you’re looking for a sober activity to enjoy in the city. These 20 bar and restaurant options, plus more in Chicago, are great locations to suggest to friends and family if you want to continue your sobriety or are working towards staying sober. 

If you need help with your sobriety or want access to more resources and information, contact Gateway Foundation today. We can share helpful information on sobriety and tell you more about the programs and services we offer.

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