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Best Gifts for Someone in Recovery

Deciding on the best gifts for recovering alcoholics or drug addicts isn’t always an easy task. You can’t simply ask what they want because their choice may not be beneficial to their recovery. First, give gifts other than alcohol or cash, as giving money or anything related to drugs won’t be in their best interest. The following gift ideas can help a person with substance use disorder continue on the path to becoming clean and sober.

1. Self-Help Resources for Recovery

You can help your loved one strengthen their resolve to quit drug or alcohol use by giving them an inspirational book. Doing so may encourage them to achieve their goals of staying clean.

A good example of a book you can buy and give to your loved one who needs to quit drinking is “Controlling Your Drinking” by William Miller and his co-author Ricardo Munoz. For someone who needs to stop using drugs, you can give them “How to Get High Without Drugs” by Douglas Rushkoff and his co-author Patrick Wells.

Bear in mind that the book you offer your loved one should help them achieve goals they’ve already set for themselves. That way, you’ll be giving them a genuine gift and not something that appears judgmental.

2. Gadgets That Keep the Hands Busy

Using drugs usually involves the hands. When a person is going through the process of withdrawal, they feel uncomfortable if their hands are idle. You can help your loved one replace the glass of alcohol or the syringe by giving them a little gadget to fiddle with. Examples include:

  • Rubik’s cubes that can keep the mind active
  • Musical instruments like the guitar
  • Handheld fidget spinners
  • Stress balls

Most of these gifts won’t cost you a lot of money, and you’ll still offer something that’s deeply appreciated.

3. Money That Can’t Be Used for Alcohol or Drugs

Your loved one will need financial help, especially if they’re not employed full-time during the early stages of recovery. Giving cash could be counterproductive because it may be used for drugs, but there are other forms of financial help you can offer, including:

  • Gift certificates or vouchers for online shopping
  • Health insurance
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Educational programs or courses

4. Media That Aids Recovery

People who are recovering from alcohol or drug use disorder tend to become fascinated by the lives of those who are in the same situation, particularly if the person used the same drug. Stay away from media that portrays the excitement or high feeling that comes with drug use.

Look for movies and books that illustrate the process of recovery and show how people achieved abstinence and sobriety. Examples include:

  • Book: Autobiography of Boy George
  • Movie: It’s All Gone by Pete Tong
  • Album: Recovery by Eminem

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