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Why Recovery Is Worth It

When recovery gets tough — and there are times when it will — you may wonder, is living sober worth it? We’re here to tell you that the road to recovery is worth every grueling mile. It may feel like there’s no end in sight, but while addiction is in many ways a chronic disease, there’s an infinite amount of hope, joy, and light at the end of the tunnel.

Five Reasons It’s Worth the Fight

There are countless reasons to want to live clean again. You’ve probably got a mile-long list for yourself. Here are just a few beautiful benefits of being sober that make the reward worth the challenge:

  1. Rebuilding relationships: Chances are, your addiction has taken its toll on your relationships. It may take time, but recovery will give you the chance to restore trust, connection, and communication with your loved ones.
  2. Pursuing dreams: Your recovery will give you a new lease on life. Think about where you’d like to be one year, five years, and ten years from now. Without being shackled by your addiction, you’ll have the freedom to pursue those dreams — whether it’s earning your degree, opening a business, or traveling to new places — and make them a reality.
  3. Growing in confidence: If you’ve gone through the therapy process, you’ve already exhibited an incredible amount of strength and perseverance. As you rebuild your life, you also have the chance to rebuild your self-confidence. Remember that you’re strong, capable, and deserving of a free and healthy life.
  4. Living healthy: Recovery will allow you to embrace health in a way your addiction never did. You’ll be able to eat and sleep better, nourish yourself mentally and perhaps pick up a new sport or active hobby.
  5. Feeling free: Without the shackles of addiction, you’ll be physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially free. You’ll be free to live rather than exist, to feel emotions that may have been numbed and experience the world without being held back by your lifestyle.

How to Set Yourself up for Success

You can take many steps to pave the way for a successful recovery:

  • Know your triggers: Knowing your weaknesses and challenging areas will help you pinpoint people, places, and circumstances you need to avoid.
  • Have a support group: Pull your friends and family members in close to you as you recover. Find a support group with people who understand your addiction and can relate to the victories and struggles you’re facing. Make attendance in meetings a regular part of your life.
  • Set attainable goals: There’s nothing more motivating than achieving a goal after putting in the time and hard work. Make your goals specific, measurable, and realistic. Put them on a sticky note, put reminders on your phone, or schedule weekly check-ins to keep them front and center.
  • Embrace the emotions: Addiction numbs. Healing will come with an onslaught of emotions that may need to be unpacked and processed, but embrace them. Deep feelings are one of the wealthiest parts of the human experience.
  • Have a game plan: Map out your recovery journey concretely. Know how you’re going to proceed and what changes are needed to make recovery a sustainable life choice.

No matter where you are in the recovery process, you’re not alone. For help with your recovery or answers to your questions, contact Gateway today.

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