Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

On the shores of Fox Lake in northern Illinois, we help patients recover from alcohol addiction. We offer a safe and quiet place where you can work toward an alcohol-free life. At Gateway Foundation Lake Villa, you can participate in a variety of wellness activities with Fox Lake as your backdrop. Let us support you during and after treatment so you can have a successful recovery.

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Insurance Providers

As patients begin planning for rehab, one of the first questions they have is how to pay for it. Fortunately, rehab is typically covered by insurance. That’s especially true in the United States, which means that addiction treatment is available to virtually everyone. 

Gateway Foundation offers both in-network and out-of-network insurance options for individuals working to free themselves from addiction. 


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Lake Villa Location

Gateway is a national provider that has 16 convenient drug and alcohol treatment centers in Illinois to serve our patients in the places and communities they call home. Check out our Lake Villa location and find a solution that works for you.


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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Admission

When making a call to Gateway you will be greeted by one of our care coordinators who will guide you through a quick and easy process to start you on your path of recovery! Some of the questions we will ask you, are focused on your needs and what you have been going through. After this quick and confidential assessment, we will be able to tell you which program and level of care are best for you and what your insurance will cover. All of our calls are confidential and you will be greeted by people who truly care about your wellbeing.


Call Now (847) 973-6229

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Call us today to find the right treatment plan for you.

Let our alcohol addiction treatment center in Lake Villa, IL, help you take your life back. We have more than five decades of history serving patients in the Chicago area.

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