Of all the 2013 admissions at addiction rehab centers, nearly 6 percent were for cocaine addiction. More than half of them used other drugs as well. Because of that, cocaine addiction treatment centers must be able to deal with the changes that occur in the brain. To achieve that, they offer addiction treatment programs with specific traits.

Services That Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers Should Offer

Distressed young woman wondering how to find cocaine addiction treatment centersEvery drug addiction is the result of familial, environmental, and social factors. Some of them also involve genetics. For that reason, rehab centers need the means to address these issues and co-occurring mental disorders. Comprehensive care is the only way that people with cocaine addiction can recover.

Medication for Symptoms

While the Food and Drug Administration has approved medications for some drug addictions, cocaine addiction isn’t one of them. However, scientists continue to research drugs that can help people overcome this disease.

Despite that, cocaine addiction treatment centers Illinois residents trust may use medications to treat withdrawal symptoms. During Withdrawal Management, this Medication-Assisted Treatment could involve anti-anxiety, anti-seizure, and antidepressant drugs. The facilities might provide medicine to relieve and prevent nausea and vomiting as well. When there’s a risk of continued symptoms after withdrawal, the centers should maintain this treatment all throughout rehab.

Behavioral Therapies

Since everyone is different, there’s no single approach to addressing the cause of cocaine addiction. For that reason, there are many types of therapy. Behavioral counseling at drug rehab treatment centers in Illinois is very effective for people who abuse cocaine.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is standard because it produces results in fewer sessions than some other counseling methods. During the sessions, therapists help people recognize negative or distorted thinking. This approach allows people to view situations in a new light and develop more effective responses. In the end, they develop positive behaviors and skills for maintaining sobriety during and after a cocaine addiction treatment program.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a form of CBT that aims to educate people on how to regulate their emotions. Other goals include improving relationships, living in the moment, and coping with stress in healthy ways. To meet those goals, therapists at cocaine addiction treatment centers Illinois use specific strategies to guide behavior changes.

Another approach that also stems from CBT is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. During these sessions at cocaine addiction treatment centers, people learn how to stop denying, struggling, and avoiding their emotions. Instead, they discover that their responses are appropriate but shouldn’t prevent them from moving on with their lives. Then, they can accept their problems and commit to changing their behavior.

Aftercare Programs

In addition to these services, cocaine addiction treatment centers Illinois residents rely on should have an aftercare program. Leaving the safe, drug-free environment that the facilities provide can be stressful for some people. This stress could lead them to relapse if they don’t have the right support. Aftercare is continued support that helps the transition into normal life, improving the chances for ongoing recovery.

Other Important Traits of Cocaine Addiction Treatment Facilities

There’s more to treating cocaine addiction than just offering a variety of services. The staff at cocaine addiction treatment centers must have the right licensing. Also, the facilities should have accreditation to show that they go above and beyond the standard for care.

Having a clean and secure environment is another trait that these facilities should have. Cleanliness ensures that people become and stay healthy while they’re getting addiction help. Also, the security ensures that their treatment remains private and that they’re safe throughout the process.

Get Cocaine Addiction Treatment at a Gateway Foundation Location

If you have a cocaine addiction, consider getting help from a Gateway Foundation treatment center. We offer a cocaine addiction treatment program and address many other drug addictions. Our strong Recovery Community has helped more than 1 million people overcome substance use over the last 50 years.

To treat as many people as possible, Gateway Foundation facilities provide a range of programs. Along with offering 12-step and non-12-step options, some of our programs and services include:

Don’t let cocaine continue ruining your health and relationships. Get treatment at one of our cocaine addiction treatment centers. Reach out to us at 877.505.4673 for help finding a facility near you.