Alcohol addiction is challenging to diagnose, tough to come to terms with and even harder to overcome. Fortunately, alcohol addiction treatment centers significantly increase your chance of a sober life. If health and wellness for a lifetime are your goals, then recruiting professional support is critical. Fight back against alcohol addiction with a team of experts, addiction recovery support groups and a plan for long-term sobriety.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers Increase the Chance of Successful Sobriety

Serious man on white sofa contemplates if he needs alcohol addiction treatment centersOnce you’ve identified that you’re struggling with a dependence on alcohol, then it is time to make a change. Of course, most people want to make a move that will last. If you’re going to break free from alcohol addiction once and for all, then alcohol treatment centers are the right choice.

Overcoming an alcohol addiction on your own is possible. There are examples of a few individuals who fight back against addiction solo or with just the help from a friend or family member. However, it is essential to recognize that this is the exception rather than the rule. Statistics overwhelmingly show that the best rates of successful sobriety go to those who participate in programs at alcohol addiction treatment centers.

The more support you have, the more accountability is available to you. When it comes to choosing a lifetime of sobriety, everyone needs all the help available. To honestly and sincerely commit to this way of life, you’ll need the skills and resources available at an addiction treatment center like Gateway Foundation.

Clients Can Find Fulfillment Without Alcohol

Alcohol treatment centers deliver a wide range of therapies and addiction treatment programs to clients. These can all be helpful because each individual client needs to create their own route to recovery. Part of this process is finding fulfillment that stems from something other than alcohol. In treatment, clients will find joy and purpose in unexpected places.

Some clients, for example, may struggle to socialize without alcohol. In group therapy and in social activities during rehab, they can relearn how to communicate while sober. Through games and activities, it is possible to find joy and happiness in these environments.

Other clients might want to re-enter the professional world. Alcohol addiction can be a stumbling block, but it doesn’t necessarily prevent you from having a successful career again or for the first time. During treatment, counselors can help you plan for the future and discover what your purpose is in life. Finding this purpose can motivate clients to get healthy for all the right reasons.

Fighting Relapse With Aftercare

Alcohol addiction treatment centers shouldn’t just keep clients sober for 30 days. The most successful alcohol treatment centers have a full continuum of care. This allows clients to have support from day one all the way back to their independent lives.

Relapse is always a risk for those who struggle with alcohol addiction. Even after clients have completed rehab programs at alcohol addiction treatment centers, the risk is there. Aftercare is one of the best possible ways to prevent relapse.

Aftercare can start with sober living facilities. Others clients might prefer to live at home but continue with outpatient drug treatment centers in Illinois. Local support groups, alumni connections, and peer support are all incredibly valuable. Through family education and training, family members can also learn how to become part of the aftercare support system for their loved ones.

What Gateway Foundation Offers Clients

The effects of alcohol addiction impact all areas of life. When people are ready to make a significant change and work toward a lifetime of sobriety, alcohol treatment centers are ideal. Gateway Foundation offers clients a full continuum of care, which means that clients can find the programs that best fit their needs, their health and their schedules.

Clients can also expect to find a wide range of recovery strategies. From evidence-based to holistic, some of the most successful programs include:

Alcohol addiction treatment centers can pave the way to a lifetime of sobriety. To end your dependence on alcohol once and for all, Gateway Foundation can help. Call 877.505.4673 to learn more about the programs and strategies that best meet your needs.