Gateway Foundation offers many treatment programs designed to aid clients as they work toward recovery. Residential treatment centers can be an effective way to fight back against addiction, and clients can enjoy total support and care every step of the way. Get familiar with the benefits of residential rehab and learn what to expect when you begin this critical step on the road to recovery.

Reduce Temptations in a Sober Environment

man standing in sun attends residential treatment centerExperiencing cravings and temptations is a common and ordinary part of recovering from addiction. Often, these are physical responses. It can be part of a delayed withdrawal as the body learns to readjust after ending substance abuse.

In other cases, temptations can be emotional or even behavioral. Substance abuse can become an ingrained habit, and breaking free from that doesn’t happen right away.

The good news is that clients experience fewer and fewer of these cravings over time. In residential treatment centers, there is no access to drugs or alcohol. Even when cravings strike, clients know that there are no ways to give in. This utterly sober environment makes it much easier to stay on track.

Get 24/7 Support and Medical Care

Addiction isn’t just a physical issue. Nonetheless, there are medical issues that can arise throughout rehab and into recovery. When you choose residential treatment, you can expect 24/7 medical support. This can provide you with peace of mind, and it can also be comforting to your loved ones back home.

During rehab, clients don’t always follow a set pattern. Sometimes, clients are up late at night and struggling with insomnia. Clients can also experience delayed or lingering withdrawal symptoms well outside of standard office hours. Residential treatment centers expect and cater to these unexpected issues by providing comfort, care, treatment and counseling whatever the time might be.

Benefit From a Daily Routine

Residential treatment tends to encourage the development of a daily routine. No two clients will necessarily have the same schedule, and there are still plenty of opportunities to customize your day. However, establishing a routine can be one of the most effective strategies in the fight against addiction.

Working toward a lifetime of sobriety means making a lot of positive, healthy choices along the way. Although willpower is critical, just as important is setting up a routine that makes it easy to make the right decision each time. In a residential treatment center, clients will have a routine that includes three meals each day, therapy sessions, group activities and individual treatment. Setting up these healthy habits doesn’t need to stop when rehab does, and it can be helpful for years to come.

Take Advantage of Therapy and Treatment Sessions

When clients spend time in residential treatment centers like Gateway Foundation, they will have countless opportunities for support, therapy, and education. Throughout each day, clients can learn more about addiction and how it can be overcome. Medical experts are always on hand to ensure that the process goes smoothly and safely.

The beauty of attending a residential treatment center is that everything a client needs is in one convenient location. There is no need to travel far or worry about logistics. Whether a client needs a medical checkup or wants to socialize with peers, it’s all possible in one spot.

Clients who take full advantage of the resources at their disposal will come to realize how varied the treatment methods are. Clients can make real progress on underlying issues through individual therapy, or they can rebuild relationships in family counseling. Diverse and comprehensive treatment ensures that recovery is possible for every client.

Choosing the Right Residential Treatment Centers

If residential treatment seems like the right fit for you or your loved one, then Gateway Foundation could be ideal. While residential care is widely available, not all programs offer security, comfort and a wide range of treatments. At Gateway Foundation locations, clients can expect all of the following from day one:

Residential treatment centers offer medical and emotional support for clients who need it most. Gateway Foundation’s locations in and around Chicago, Illinois, are the ideal way to begin the recovery process. Take back control by calling 877.505.4673 today.