If you struggle with addiction and are seeking help, our drug rehab treatment centers can be the solution you need. Located throughout Illinois, Gateway Foundation centers provide you with a safe space to focus on recovery. Our experienced staff delivers compassionate treatment so you can depend on continuous support and the delivery of evidence-based practices. As a result, you participate in addiction therapy services that have been proven to help patients overcome addiction. Additionally, since addiction is not limited to illicit drugs, you can get help at our prescription drug abuse treatment centers in Illinois.

We have helped over one million patients deal with their addictions for the past 50 years. We promise to deliver quality services while also offering support throughout your process.

Your Experience at Our Drug Rehab Treatment Centers in Illinois

Nervous man sharing in group a drug rehab treatment centers in IllinoisAt our drug rehab treatment centers, you can expect personalized, evidence-based treatment and support during your entire recovery journey. Since we believe addiction is a lifelong illness, our programs teach you the skills needed to prevent relapse. In the end, our goal is to empower you to lead a drug-free life. We follow a holistic approach to Addiction Medicine, working with your body, mind, and emotions. However, the main component of our treatment is the evidence-based practices you engage in. Our staff practices compassionate patient-engagement that considers your situation and conditions. Because drug abuse is often accompanied by trauma issues, we also offer Trauma Therapy and programs designed to address this specifically.

At our drug rehab treatment centers in Illinois, you work towards recovery in small, intimate Residential or Outpatient programs. Our Residential programs provide more opportunities for one-on-one interactions between our therapists and you. During this process, we guarantee emotional and medical support from Withdrawal Management through aftercare. Furthermore, we also offer opportunities for connection through our Alumni Engagement program. Once you complete our programs, you continue to focus on leading a drug-free life with support from our recovery community.

Programs to Treat Drug Addiction

When you enter our drug rehab treatment centers, you can find a program tailored to your needs. Because each patient arrives with a different history, we have developed various programs that target the particular conditions of diverse populations. This includes Residential Treatment programs if you want to focus on recovery without outside distractions. We also offer Outpatient programs if you have responsibilities such as work, school or family that you cannot leave. Whatever your particular requirement, we have a plan to serve you. Our programs include:

Services Offered by Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Treating addiction goes beyond addressing the symptoms and side-effects. While you work on the physical symptoms of addiction, our therapists also address underlying issues. Our treatment revolves around evidence-based practices. These therapies and services have been proven to work over and over again and are backed by research. More importantly, our practices ensure that you are getting the best treatment available during your recovery journey. Our drug rehab treatment centers services include:

If you also suffer from a co-occurring mental-health condition, we offer a certified Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Through this treatment, we work with both your addiction and your mental health disorder at the same time. For patients who might need it, we also provide Medication-Assisted Treatment. This treatment can help you in your recovery journey and teach you how to manage medication after you complete the program. At our drug rehab treatment centers in Illinois, you learn to develop healthy habits so you can work on your future success.

If you are ready to stop addiction from controlling your life, you can seek help at our drug rehab treatment centers. Take the first step towards recovering your life by calling Gateway Foundation today at 877.505.4673.