Woman receives co occurring disorders treatmentIf you seek treatment for your substance abuse addiction, you might believe that addiction is the root of the problem. Often, there are mental health conditions that also must be treated to help you overcome addiction. Co occurring disorders treatment focuses on treating mental health conditions at the same time you undergo treatment for your addiction. Learning about your related mental health disorders can help you target the stress that can lead to relapse.

At Gateway Foundation’s co occurring disorders treatment program, the focus is on healing the whole person–body, mind and spirit. Conditions such as anxiety and depression can be so overwhelming that you might have begun seeking relief with drug use. This might have then led to the development of an addiction. A co occurring disorder can also develop as a result of your addiction, since addiction affects you physically and mentally.

Symptoms of Co Occurring Disorders

Since many disorders can occur at the same time as your drug addiction, the symptoms vary greatly. During co occurring disorders treatment, therapists identify both the symptoms related to substance abuse and the mental health condition. Symptoms of mental health disorders include mood swings, avoidance of social interactions, suicidal thoughts, and problems concentrating and focusing.

Co occurring disorders are pervasive. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 37 percent of people who abuse alcohol have at least one mental health condition. As well, 52 percent of people who abuse substances also suffer from a mental health condition. Similarly, 29 percent of people with a mental health condition will abuse alcohol and 60 percent will abuse other substances during their lives. A co occurring disorders treatment program seeks to help you overcome addiction while addressing your mental health condition.

Co Occurring Disorders Treatment

At Gateway Foundation, co occurring disorders treatment, or Dual Diagnosis Treatment, is designed to treat both addiction and the mental health condition at the same time. While this means that addiction is not the primary focus of treatment, it does say your complete health becomes a priority. Focusing solely on addiction, while ignoring the mental health condition, can also result in a higher risk of relapse.

A significant benefit of co occurring disorders treatment Illinois is that it is person-centered. Treatment does not only focus on the symptoms of addiction but on the causes. While you participate in a variety of therapies, you also find answers to the questions you have about yourself and the road you took to addiction. These answers can help you feel clear about your goals and your journey to recovery.

Co Occurring Disorders Treatment Program

At Gateway Foundation, our co occurring disorders treatment program is centered around evidence-based services and therapies. These therapies support our view of addiction as a lifelong illness. As such, we offer you support throughout your entire recovery process, from Withdrawal Management to Alumni Engagement. Our staff works together to design a personalized treatment plan, including co occurring disorders treatment, that takes your needs into account. Whether you pursue Residential or Outpatient Treatment, at Gateway Foundation you receive quality treatment from our experienced, compassionate staff.

Through Individual and Group Therapy sessions, you work towards achieving strength and freedom from your substance abuse as well as strengthening your mental well-being. In working towards addressing your thinking, reaction, and behavior as part of your co occurring disorders treatment, you participate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Illinois. Our range of therapies include:

If you want to find your way to mental stability, well-being and freedom from addiction, co occurring disorders treatment might be right for you. Call Gateway Foundation today at 877.505.4673 and begin working towards sobriety and health.