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Sober During Summer

Staying Sober During the Summer

Summertime, with its longer days and pleasant weather, usually means more outdoor events and parties. From pool parties to weddings and backyard BBQs, these events often have one thing in common — alcohol. While alcohol and summertime socialization may go hand in hand for many individuals, this combination can prove tempting for recovering addicts. It…

Deaths of Despair During Coronavirus

Deaths of Despair During COVID-19

As the United States death toll from COVID-19 continues to rise, attention is turning to a hidden epidemic causing even more indirect fatalities from the virus. The virus’s impact is causing widespread grief and feelings of isolation, sadness and hopelessness. These effects have led to “deaths of despair,” caused by suicide or substance use disorder.…

Summertime Substance Abuse Among Teens

Summer Substance Use Among Youth

Youth substance misuse is a terrifying prospect for any parent. You can’t keep tabs on your child 24/7, and the risk of them deciding to try drugs or alcohol is always present. However, research shows that the most common time for youth to try a new substance is during the summer. What the Research Shows…