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best gifts for someone in recovery

Best Gifts for Someone in Recovery

Deciding on the best gifts for recovering alcoholics or drug addicts isn’t always an easy task. You can’t simply ask what they want because their choice may not be beneficial to their recovery. First, give gifts other than alcohol or cash, as giving money or anything related to drugs won’t be in their best interest. The…

social drinking vs alcoholism difference

Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking: What’s the Difference?

Social drinking is a huge part of our culture. Alcohol is available everywhere, from bars and restaurants to people’s homes. It’s a popular way to socialize, relax and even celebrate special occasions. Occasional drinking or even drinking alcohol a few times a week is considered normal and harmless. This ingrained cultural attitude remains mostly unchallenged…

effects of secondhand drinking

Five Effects of Secondhand Drinking

Many alcoholics do not realize the impact their addiction has on the people around them. Through secondhand drinking, alcohol addiction affects friends, spouses and children, causing family problems and damaging relationships. Secondhand drinking refers to how a person’s alcohol abuse and behavior negatively impact other people. In the United States, about one in five adults…