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Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatment

Despite the harmful and long-lasting effects of drug use, people struggling with drug addiction have a compulsive and uncontrollable urge to keep using. Stopping can be difficult. In fact, it may even seem impossible, especially because drug withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant, dangerous, and even lethal. However, with the right drug withdrawal treatment, people can overcome withdrawal and…

Gateway Foundation Biting the Hands That Feed Each Other: Stress and Alcohol

Biting the Hands That Feed Each Other: Stress and Alcohol

Stress and Alcohol Your boss wants the project on their desk first thing tomorrow morning. Your rent is due and you’re short, again. You forgot about your anniversary. It’s Monday. When you finally get home, you have a drink or two to wind down, which isn’t necessarily a problem, not yet. According to Gateway Aurora Executive Director…

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Process Addictions Beyond Alcohol and Drugs

When people think of addiction, they think of substances like alcohol and drugs. They rarely think of addictive behaviors, but addiction goes well past substance use disorders. It also pertains to process addictions. What is Process Addiction? In 2011, the American Society of Addiction Medicine included behavioral addiction in the broader definition of addiction. Behavioral, or process, addiction is the…