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Low self-esteem and substance abuse

Can Low Self-Esteem Lead to Substance Use? Exploring the Link Between Self-Esteem and Substance Abuse

Low self-esteem, a perception that one is inadequate, unlovable, unworthy and/or incompetent. It often stems from exposure to dysfunctional behavior as a child. When children bear the brunt of anger, abandonment, abuse, neglect or continual negative criticism, it can lead to feelings of low self-worth. Low self-esteem isn’t limited to individuals who have suffered trauma…

Gateway Mindfulness Based Sobriety

Mindfulness Based Sobriety

What is Mindfulness Based Sobriety (MBS)? Mindfulness Based Sobriety provides a safety net for recovery. Mindfulness Based Sobriety (MBS) is an integration of mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and clinical psychologist Alan Marlatt’s research on relapse prevention. What are the Benefits of Mindfulness Based Sobriety? Patients often have the impression that experiencing triggers to relapse is somehow a…

Learn How to Prepare for Outpatient Treatment at Gateway Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Preparing for Outpatient Treatment

Too often, people who need alcohol or drug rehab don’t receive appropriate care because it would mean taking extended time away from their work or family. With the flexibility of Gateway Outpatient drug rehab programs, adults and adolescents can work through drug addiction treatment without putting their lives on hold. Programs are ideal for people with a strong support system, stable…