Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependence – Inspiration Series 2.0 Webinar

Dr. Rob Weiss joins us to discuss how clients can move beyond codependence to prodependence. See the full video and transcription below:  Inspiration Series: Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependence Voice-over: The broadcast is now starting. All attendees are in listen-only mode. Keith Arnold: Hello! Welcome everybody my name is Keith Arnold. I’m with the Gateway…

Addiction as Chronic Stress Illness – Inspiration Series 2.0 Webinar

Dr. Mark Pirtle joins us to talk about addiction as a chronic stress illness. He is an integral therapist who works with clients suffering from mental and physical pain. Combining the disciplines of living systems theory, neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness meditation, he developed an evidence-based program called SkillfullyAware for healing stress-related illnesses.

Dangers of HALT

Dangers of HALT

One of the most important things you’ll learn in rehab is to recognize and address your triggers before it’s too late. HALT — hungry, angry, lonely and tired — is a handy acronym many recovering addicts use to identify the most common triggers that lead to relapse. These are dangerous and risky states of being…